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Olive's belly on day 62..

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Olive likes going in the garage I guess because it's so cool in there. I'm going to stop letting her go in there though soon because there are too many places for her to hide the babies. She really likes laying on this cooler.

Laying down

On her side

From the top

Begging for a belly rub

When she sits her belly touches the floor

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she's HUGE!!!!
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aww photos dont do the belly justice though do they? Foxys belly was huge and felt very full, she had 4 kittens this morning and they were only between 3 oz and 31/2 oz each i was like wow you was that big and only 4 tiny kittens in there? lol.
she gave no signs i went to bed last night about 1am and she was eating, she hadnt started to nest either, then this morning kittens!
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Oh my - she's full of it Hope you have them by the weekend - we'll be showing but I'm home on Monday
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Does she let you rub her belly? I love to rub pregnant kitty bellies.
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Yep she loves belly rubs. She has been farting alot in the past couple of days. Is this normal for a pregnant kitty?
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Today is day 63...She sleeps 99% of the time unless she is eating. Although for about 2 hours she ran around looking very aggitated and flicking her tail back and forth earlier today. She is sleeping again now though.
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Man her belly is big!

She's a beautiful cat. Can't wait to see how big her litter is!
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I don't know when she is going to go but it needs to be soon. Poor baby can't clean her own booty and she has very runny poops today.
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Sending for an easy delivery and healthy kittens!
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It's gotta be soon! for Olive and a smooth delivery!
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Yeah, she's pretty big!! I think Dill Pickles might have been bigger though!
Hopfully we wont have to do the guessing we did with her! Although its fun for us to wait and wonder when they're going to be born!! I would think she has 5 kittens, has she had any ultra sounds?? Whats the papa look like?? I wish we could see the kittens through the bellies!
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No we didn't get an ultrasound. My vet doesn't have an ultrasound machine. She is bigger in person than she is in pictures. She doesn't even really move anymore lol. She just lays around in her bed and will only move to use the bathroom or eat.
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