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Will Pebbles come around?

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So it's been 9 months since my Meowser passed away DH and I finally felt ready for another kitty so we adopted a 5 month old neutered male (Milo) from a shelter last weekend.

Our resident kitty, Pebbles (5 year old female), is beside herself. I did a search on the boards and read all the introducing cat threads and currently have Milo isolated in his own little room, trying to get both of them to associate the other ones scent with positive things by bribing them with treats. It has only been 4 days and I know it will take a lot more time, but are there instances where a resident kitty will just not accept the newcomer?

I think Meowser traumatized Pebbles when he was alive--he kept beating her up for no apparent reason, hovering over her while she ate, etc....Pebbles' behavior has reverted back to her edgy ways when Meowser was alive (and torturing her). Back then she was a lot more aloof and less affectionate to DH and I. After Meowser passed away, she was a lot more cuddly and finally starting purring on a regular basis. She also started to sleep a lot more, which I mistook as a sign as loneliness.

I don't want to see Pebbles close up again and she now seems 'down', hiding in unusual places, not sleeping with us for the first time since I brought her home, tail twitching every time I try to pet her......she looks at me like she hates me!! I feel so guilty now recognizing how much she blossomed as an only child and I'm starting to think that maybe she'd be better off alone. It would tear me apart to have to rehome Milo.....any advice?
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hey, it's only been 4 days! give it at least a week before you give up... i know, it's really stressful, but it'll get better - & if it doesn't, then you can worry about rehoming Milo.
i thought Pixel & Cable would NEVER get along - but after Cable calmed down some from kittenhood, they became fast friends.
Cable's even stopped whacking Chip on a daily basis, like she did for the 1st year he lived w/us... i think she was just asserting her 'top cat' status!
that the actual 'face-to-face' intros go well!
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If Milo turns out to be a friendly, less aggressive male, Pebbles will come around. I think though that now it is better to pay more attention to Pebbles. Avoid playing with Milo when she is around, pet her as often as she allows you to, etc. Good luck!
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It takes many months for cats to adjust. Once Pebbles realizes Milo will be nice, I'm sure she'll come around.
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thank you all for the encouragement! I know it may take even months, and I really hope mine will be a success story too!! I was just getting a bit discouraged and I feel bad for Milo stuck in the little room by himself.

Today Pebbles swatted me in the face...she sure is mad at me! I'm just trying to be patient and take it slowly. I've been thinking of trying the Feliway plug-in and I remember read ingsomething about some drops to put in their water to calm them and make them less jealous....does it really help?

Thank you all again for your help!!!!
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