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Congratulations Yola!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am SO happy for your recent good news!!!!!!!

Yola is PREGNANT!!!!!!


Let this be a celebration thread here to you from all your friends here at TCS!!!!!!!

And a good omen/sign for our dear friend Ady who is wanting to have a baby so badly and I just know she will be next!!!!! I pray every night for you Ady !!!!!!
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Congratulations Yola!
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Congratulations Yola. Hope all goes well for you.

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Send us a photo a month so we can see how you are developing! Hee hee hee!
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And lets not forget Ady......I think this thread should also be a thread for good positive thoughts and prayers for our good dear friend Ady.....she will be the next to get pregnant!!!!!!!
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[color=sky blue]many Congratulations !!! Yola how wonderful for you!

i just love hearing news like this -- my sister is due in 3 weeks and i can't wait to meet my little niece or nephew !!!

and many good pregnancy vibes to you, Ady [/color]
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Oh Blue!!!!!!!!! ANY child would be blessed to have you for their Aunt!!!!!! (Can we adopt you???? Please??? We need some Aunts!!! )

Keep us posted on when your sister has her baby!!! AND pictures!!!!!
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I would like to say, that Ady - I am thinking of you and praying that our good vibes make all your hopes and dreams come true.

Keep tryin' but don't get too screwed up about it, try not to think about it and I betcha we'll be getting your good news in no time at all!!!!!

Loadsa love
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Amen to that!!!!!!!! Ady!!!! If only you knew how many times a day I pray for you!!!!! You WILL be the next to get pregnant here..... Come on everybody.........send up some major good vibes for ADY!!!!!!!!!!!
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Tons of vibes and (((((((((hugs))))))))) from England!! I know what it's like to be trying for a baby; it can be so stressful.
Keep happy and it'll happen
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This is soooooooo exciting!!!!!! Wooohooo!

Yola is expecting!

Ady.....TONS of 'get pregnant' vibes going out to you!!!!!!!!

And Blue.......YOU'RE GOING TO BE AN AUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:teddy: That is sooooooooooooooo coool! You will be a terrifice aunt!

*sigh* what a beautiful thread to wake up to!
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Congrats!!! Can you guys send me some pregant vibes :LOL: I'm getting VERY tried of trying
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Congrats Yola!!

And good vibes to Adymarie and Princess!!!!!!
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Yola, I'm sooooo happy for you!!!!

Sending positive thoughts and good vibes to Ady and Princess Purr!!!!
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aww LOTS of positive thoughts going your way Purr and Ady!!!!
*thinking positive thoughts!*

congrats blue on being an aunt soon! it will be sooo exciting!
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Many congrats, Yola, and good vibes on their way to Ady and Princess.
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YAY YOLA! i am so happy for you! i'll be praying for you and the baby.

ady - been praying for ya - hope it happens soon!

purr - hope it happens soon for you, too!
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Of course sending out positive baby vibes. But whenever I see threads like this, I have to also remind people that adoption is also an option!!

There are so many needy kids out there who already need a home. Ok, my public message for today has ended.
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Good Luck Mommy!
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Yola, you already know how THRILLED I am for you!! Congrats again!

Many positive baby vibes to Ady and Val.
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Yola - I am thrilled for you!

Princess Purr - best of luck in your pregnancy journey!

Thanks everyone for the wonderful pregnancy vibes! LOL - if I have triplets I know who to blame!

Kass - we are definitely considering adoption - I have started the research but we are exhausting other avenues 1st. If pregnany happens for me that would be fantastic, but I know no matter what there is a baby out there somewhere for me!

Yola - I do not let myself get stress - if it happens it happens, if it doesn't, then it wasn't meant to be!
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Originally posted by Princess Purr
Congrats!!! Can you guys send me some pregant vibes :LOL: I'm getting VERY tried of trying
But that's the FUN part!
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