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A few Vibes for Sassy Please

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Requesting a few vibes for Sassy this evening..I took him to the vet this morning as I suspected that he may have and Urinary Track Infection..
Poor guy was not happy to have to go but even less happy that he has to stay overnight so they can get a urine sample..I spoke to the vet on the phone a few minutes ago and she said he had calmed down some but it was obvious he was not thrilled being there..Poor guy I did take his favorite stuff bunny over for him earlier.

Not only is Sassy upset but I also have a very unhappy Linus at home because he misses his big buddy..Pixie doesn't seemed to perturbed by the situation however so hopefully she can help keep Linus occupied..
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Sending for Sassy.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47 View Post
Sending for Sassy.
& that he'll pee for the vet so they can find out the problem & fix it!
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When Coco has Urine Tests they give her Sub Q's so they can get a Sample. I hope your Cat feels better.
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Lots of vibes for Sassy!
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oh poor sassy! sending lots of peeing for him! hope he is home soon and feeling fine again.
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Sending lots of for Sassy to feel better real soon!!
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Hows Sassy today?

Some `Get Well Soon` vibes
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Vibes for Sassy.
for Linus missing his buddy.
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A very happy Sassy is now home again. They got the sample about 1 P.M. and I picked him up shortly after that. They have him on meds for a bladder infection but the doctor said it should clear up fairly quickly.

Linus is also very happy to have him home as well...
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Glad Sassy is home and on the road to recovery.
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I'm glad to hear Sassy is doing much better!
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