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Foxy is due withen the next week at the most. her belly is HUGE, bigger then any other cat i have taken in, its that full that the vet couldnt even give an est on roughly how many she could have when we was up the vets today because there was no give way atall.
He said her milk was in (which i knew as you can feel the mass's all under her belly it kinda goes the hole lengh of her belly)
But will they drop? all the other cats we have had ,but her belly is so tight underneath well all over its the same tightness because of lack of room, or will it drop after she has the kittens?
Poor thing cant even lay down unless she lays on her back wide legged
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When Coco was Preg she was huge and she got all stretched. She is 16 now and she still hangs down from being stretched.
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