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"Charlie Wilson's War"

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How did I miss this in the theaters? I just caught it at the dollar show, and it's excellent!

And no wonder -- written by Aaron Sorkin, directed by Mike Nichols, with Tom Hanks and Phillip Seymour Hoffman battling to see which one will steal the movie! (It's a tie. They're both SO great.)

And it's a true story about secret U.S. black-ops involvement in the Afghan/Soviet war in the 1980s. It's fascinating.

Highly recommended!
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Oh, I've seen ads for that and I really wanted to see it, but we normally wait for movies to come out on DVD and rent them. Is it on DVD now?? It looked really good....of course, with Tom Hanks how can you go wrong?
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Great film - we watched it the other night. I loved it. Tom Hanks was superb - a departure for him - Charlie Wilson wasn't exactly a squeaky clean guy - but he was fantastic in the role. It was slick and well written and well directed, and I would highly recommend it!
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I don't know whether it's on DVD or not -- I doubt it, because I'm in Wal-Mart all the time (unfortunately) and would surely have noticed a Tom Hanks movie I'd never seen.

No, Wilson was no angel, for sure! But one of the points the movie made, I think, was that people are complicated, and moral issues are not always black-and-white. Something we tend to forget in election years.

And yes, the writing... oh my gosh, I love it when the dialog in a movie actually challenges me to keep up! Aaron Sorkin ROCKS!
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