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He lost 180 dollars..

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The hubby got paid today. He pulled some money out of the bank. Made 2 stops then came home. About an hour after he got home he went to pull his money out and saw that somehow he lost 180. He just went back to the places he stopped out to see if the money is still there. I honestly don't have high hopes it will be there. This totally blows.
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Aww man I'm sorry to hear that.
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That totally stinks!!!

Check thoroughly between the seats...that's where half of the things that I lose wind up. Especially that little nook between the center council and where the floor begins.
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Well that happens here sometimes too, but normally my DH stops off at a casino and loses it somewhere in the slots! I truely hope you find the money! Its not easy trying to make due with alot less!
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oh ouch! Fingers crossed that there has been some honest soul out there. If not, one can only hope that the money was found by someone who really really needed it.
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Wow, that would be horrible! That is alot of money..

That is the reason I use debit everywhere I go..I can't be trusted with cash
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Wow, that would be horrible! That is alot of money..

That is the reason I use debit everywhere I go..I can't be trusted with cash
I can't be trusted with either - money burns a hole in my pocket
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Ugh! That's awful! I know you've been having some finance problems from previous posts; $180.00 is a lot to lose

A couple years ago I had taken some money out of the bank machine and instead of putting it in my wallet I folded it up and just jammed it into my purse. I did my grocery shopping and took a cab home. Dug around for money to pay the cab. Didn't go out for a few days and decided to order in some food one evening and pay cash for it. The driver arrived and I went to pay him and I discovered that I was missing a $100.00 bill It must have fallen out in the cab when I was digging around and pulling out papers in order to pay the driver. The person who got in after me must have through they hit the lottery.
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Oh no!!!! That's a lot of money! Almost my half of the rent! I would be at a total loss, and I'm sure you're not feeling that much better.

I stopped carrying cash for that very reason!
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Has he found the $180 yet?????
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I'm heaps sorry I know how it feels I hope he find's it
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That really sucks. I hope he finds it. Try to see if he can backtrack everywhere he went and everything he did.
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