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Anal gland problem?

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Hello all. I haven't posted here in awhile, and now have a concern about my boy Rocky. He's always had a nasty habit of not covering his pooh after he goes, but I've noticed lately the smell has gotten worse and worse. Several days ago, after he went, the odor wafted in with him when he came to see me. Last night I was awakened from a dead sleep by the most god-awful smell I think I've ever smelled. I called my vet today and they are seeing him Saturday. I was told it sounds like he may need his anal gland/s expressed, or he could possibly have worms. Rocky is an indoor only cat, but it's possible I may have tracked flea eggs in - who knows. I haven't noticed any worms in his pooh or in his vomit when he vomited a hairball up the other day. He is a 10 year old lynx poing siamese.
So can anyone here tell me if they've experienced this with their cat and what the diagnosis/outcome was?


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Although it's more common in dogs, cats sometimes need thier anal glands expressed. It has got to be one of the worst smelling things on earth!
If it's not her anal glads, I would be more likely to assume that she may just be getting intolerant to the brand of food she is eating.
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It sounds like the anal glands. We used to have a dog whose glands had to be expressed several times a year to prevent infection, as he was prone to blockages. It's not a big thing, and is done in just a few minutes. You do want to avoid an infection. Is Rocky also dragging his backside along the floor?
Our cat (a neutered male) has a nasty habit of spraying from his anal glands (like a skunk!) when he is at the vet's - it is really a horrible smell. He aims for the face, so both vets wear goggles while examining him. Gross!
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Hooda, my 10yr ragdoll/type female has had her anal glands removed. She got an impaction and had them expressed. Then got an infection and had them expressed. Twice was enough for me. It is so uncomfortable for the cat i decided to have them removed. It is more of a dog problem, but my vet said to me that once they start having problems they tend to happen again. I never did notice any smell but she sat on the litter box alot, with out going. Thats why i brought her in in the first place. She is just super now. Butt problem over with. Good luck with your kitty. Let us know how she is.
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I appreciate your responses. I'm hoping that's all it is. jcat, I couldn't help but laughing at your post. That is so funny about the vets having to wear goggles! And to answer your question, Rocky is not dragging his butt on the ground, nor his back legs. I'll let you all know what happens tomorrow.
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