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Kitten Colour Predicting

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Hi guys!

I'm soon to be getting a chocolate BSH stud that carries both Bi & Colourpoint.

I can predict the colours I will get from him with all my girls except for my Black Smoke. She carries silver & has a lot of blue in her pedigree, but no colourpoint or bi.

Any ideas anyone???
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Your Brit can carry colorpoint, but not bicolor - unless its a chocolate/white bicolor.

If the female is Black Smoke (carrying dilute) you probably will get:

(think of chocolate as a "black") - I'm assuming he's not carrying dilute.

Black, Chocolate, Black Smoke, Chocolate Smoke and maybe Blue/Blue Smoke if he is carrying the dilute. Also if he's carrying dilute you can add in the color Lavender (which is the chocolate dilute)

You shouldn't get any colorpoints since she's not a carrier, but 1/4 of the kittens would be CP carriers.

If he's not a Bicolor himself, none of the kittens will be bicolor.
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