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Prepaid Cell plans

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I have question on the prepaid cell phone plans. I have currently a cell phone (on a family plan) but I would like a local number one (a second one). My current cell # is from a different state, and they never changed the number.

But right now my business partner and I have different cell providers, and I was thinking of going with his cell provider on a prepaid plan so he & I can talk free and I can use the internet options for checking emails. Plus while job hunting, I can use this local # rather then giving out my home #.

Does anyone have the prepaid plans and do you like them? I'm looking at At&T's plans? How does the internet charges work? I just want it for email mainly, not surfing the web.
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I have Virgin Mobile prepaid, but I only use it for texting and making / receiving infrequent calls. They have a bunch of different plans, but I have the by the minute one, which is expensive if you make a lot of calls but I don't. So I basically pay $15 every 3 months.

I looked at all the other ones when I was thinking about getting one, and they all seemed to want like $1.00 a day whether you make calls or not. That's been a while, and it might have changed now.
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AT&T has two plans, one where you pay $39 for 300 mins & unlimited mobile to mobile (which would work great, for he & I) and then one where you pay each day you use it, but no internet that I can find. I like the idea of only pay when you use it, but not having the internet.
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