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New Cat on the Board!

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Heh, I'm new here! as you could tell. ah well hmm... Don't knwo what to say about myself, but I've got 5 cats residing in my house at the moment.

Rosebud, She's the Family cat, or mostly my mothers. Rose sleeps on Mom's head alot. =^ ^=;;

Kitiara, My cat, she had kittens back in November! and she likes eating the house plants.

And the three kittens we have left from Kit's litter.

Trouble, the grey Tabby, she's kinda mean, but nicer then her mother. She likes to hide under the stove. =^ ^=;;

Zippy, A small orange tabby, she's overly friendly, and likes attention. she yowls when she isn't with someone.

and Tubbay, The Mutant Freak. Tripple pawed, and also very friendly. You can plop him down somewhere and he goes to sleep most of the time.

Our Cats have to deal with a big ol' Dog named Saydee. she a pitbull of some kind and has a head like a block of stone, and Arpeggio, the budgie. they kinda want to "play with him"

Anyway, that's my house. heh, I ramble sometimes sorry.
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Hi littlecat, welcome to the board! Hope you enjoy your time here! :tounge2:
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Hello there Littlecat.

Welcome to a great site with lots of friendly people. Sounds like you have a lovely feline family.

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thanks! =^ ^= We're trying to find homes for two of the three little ones. My Boyfriend is taking Trouble, which means I'll get to see lot's of her!

The other two we'll find homes for soon. It's was a fun experience having kittens around though!
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Welcome to the site littlecat! Hope you enjoy your time here.

Are you planning on getting Kitiara spayed soon, or have you done so already? Kittens are a miracle and so much fun, but the sad fact is that there are too many of them in the world already. It is also better for every kitty's health (unless they are in a good breeding program) to have them spayed or neutered.
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Welcome to the site!

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hello and welcome!!!
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Hiyee and welcome!!

i am a newbie here as well.

i am sure you will love it here! i do!

Check out the articles and the forum pages.. they are great! i get my questions and answers via those pages!


shirley poh choo wan (poh choo -- means "precious pearl" in chinese!)
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yep, we're planning on getting her spayed. WE try and keep her in when she's in heat until we do though, but with a dog in the house that can be hard. It's also noisy when she is!
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Welcome to the board !!!!!
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