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need help

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I moved in Mid-December and my cat ran away I tried to find him for two weeks and nothing.... So I got a kitten, I was told she was three months old but she seemed a bit big for three months. I didn't think much of it at the time. I continued to search for my other cat and found him a week later. I brought him home. I wasn't thinking my kitten would go into heat, I thought I'd have time but three weeks later she went into heat and was pergnant (Beginning of Feb sometime) I looked online to try and determine my kittens age and by her teeth it said she was about 5-6 months old. Well now she is about ready, this is my first litter, I am not sure how much longer it'll be. She is sleeping in her box I made for her and trying to clean her genitals a lot. She is having some trouble though because of the size of her belly. She is still eating a lot but now she follows me everywhere I go. She almost bit someone else who stuck their hand in her box. I think they startled her. I squeezed one of her nipples but nothing. Can someone please try to give me an approx amount of time before the kittens. I am scheduled to work 12 hour days for the next few days and I would like to be home if she goes into labor. She may need help. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I realise that it was irresponsible for me to let this happen but when I researched I though I still had a couple months to get her fixed... Please help
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Unfortunately, cat labor varies a lot from cat to cat.

What I can tell you is that when Ms Friskers began acting that way, she had all of her kittens within the next 12 hours. But others here have waited a day or so, and some have waited a few weeks (Hi Dill) (the weeks thing is a bit abnormal).

You've probably got a good shot of her having them sometime this evening, though. for a timely, quick and safe labor!

(And don't worry -- we all know that sometimes you end up with a pregnant cat, despite all best intentions -- I don't think anyone here will judge!)
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I know it happens but I am upset about it she is so small and in the last hour she has made a hiccup sound twice. I've never heard that before. She seems to have some diahrea I think. I am very worried
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please remember if ever your worried phone your vet, we can only give advise and you should never put of going to a vet while you wait for a responce.
good luck and i hope she has a safe and healthy delivery, Remember she can become pregnant very soon after she has her kittens so keep the male away untill she has been safly spade
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I want to be here when she has them I have done so much research so I think I'll be okay. Does anyone know what the hiccup sounds are? she did it again and she growled. She is on my lap and won't leave
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I would call the vet and see if you can take her.
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it dosnt matter how much reasearch someone can do there can and may be problems that no amount of reasearch will help only a vet, at least phone a vet and ask them, they will either put your mind at ease or ask you to come in just for a check. it dosnt hurt to phone even if everything is ok.
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Just did, they just told me to keep an eye on her and call back their emerg number if she seems to be in distress
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Thats good, is she still doing that hiccuping? it could possibly be the start of labour.
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she's sleeping now will update later on thank you everyone
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Hope she is still napping away -- storing up energy for some work later, perhaps!
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Aww, hopefully it will be soon, and all goes well. we love pictures by the way (hint)
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Nothing yet I will definately put up some pics
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My cat Olive was bred february 1st and she is due about April 5th. So if your cat got pregnant the beginning of February she is due around the same time. Do you know the exact date she was mated? Kittens come anywhere from 60-70 days later with the average being 63 days.
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Not really sure I didn't even think she could get pregnant I thought she was 3.5, maybe 4 months old at the time.

Just in the last few hours she has strated standing with her hind legs separated. poor little girl, she looks so uncomfortable.
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It's hard to tell how far along she is from your description. Can you feel kittens moving yet? Can you see them move? If so how long ago did you start to notice it? I assume her nipples have pinked up, do you remember when you first noticed that?

I adopted a pregnant cat from the pound three years ago, but didnt find out she was expecting until a couple weeks later. When we finally did realize she was pregnant, she had the kittens two weeks later (4 weeks after adoption).

Her milk came in a day or two before she delivered and she lost her mucous plug the night before. She became a velcro kitty the day before, she would not let me out of her site without crying for me.

That said, the foster I have now was different from her. Her milk came in way earlier, and her biggest sign was digging in her nesting box. That and being up and down the night before scratching in her kitty litter.

Good luck waiting. I hope it is stress-free and that she has an uncomplicated delivery!
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Yes I can feel and see them don't remember exactly when that started. She is still eating though and from what I've read here they are supposed to stop eating a day or so before. I can't seem to add pics to this tread so I'm gonna try and put up a new one. Still can't can anyone tell me why or what I have to do....
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Originally Posted by sandra13 View Post
She is still eating though and from what I've read here they are supposed to stop eating a day or so before.
They dont always stop eating. A lot of moms do stop eating at_least the morning before they deliver, but I have had a few that never stopped, and one that was eating while she was delivering.

My daughter was out in the kitchen feeding the gang, and carried her out to me asking what the "bubble" was on her butt.

Guess she was hungry... that particular mom had 8 kittens!

Originally Posted by sandra13 View Post
I can't seem to add pics to this tread so I'm gonna try and put up a new one. Still can't can anyone tell me why or what I have to do....
To post pictures, you need to upload them to a free-photo-hosting site like ImageShack or PhotoBucket. Once you have them on there, copy the [IMG] code and paste it into your post.

Good luck!
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