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How many cats are is too many?

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We have three cats right now and will be getting a fourth in another 3-5 wks. I have always had good luck with all my cats getting along. (they curl up together etc.) I'm pretty confident that cat no. four wil fit in fine. We've also talked about getting a fifth cat but I wonder when will the scales tip and they'll start to not get along. So, my question is how many is too many? I love them and could easily see myself having five. Our house is almost 3000 sq. feet so I think it's big enough. I just wonder at what point one starts having problems. Those of you with a lot of cats, how do they get along?
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I am owned by 10 beautiful cats. They all each other! But when I'm giving them treats, they will smack each other on the head! The girls always sleep together, the boys kinda split into groups of two. Peppurr is my Alpha cat, even though he's not the oldest, he thinks he owns this place!

My favorite quote
"You Can Never Have Too Many Cats!"
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It's really hard to say how many will be too much. It really depends on the cats personalitys. I have also found that the cleaner you keep the house, the better. Smell is a big part of the territory issue. With multiple cats, you will always have the occasional tiff between them, but they can get along. The other thing is that it's more likely that they can get sick, so with multiple cats you need to stay on top of cleaning, vaccines, and when you bring a new one home, they need to be seprated until you know for sure they are okay.
We have 18 of our very own, and it's really not too much for us.The one thing we we decided a long time ago, was that it was too many if we couldn't afford to give them the best of care
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Sandie, when you say it is "more likely they can get sick", are you speaking about passing upper respiratory infections back and forth and things of that nature?

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Sorry I didn't say that, it was early for me Yes, I mean the upper respitory infections. Even cats who don't show any signs, or have had the best of care can carry the upper respitory infections. As long as you keep on top of anyone showing signs, and keep on top of everyhing, it's pretty easy to prevent. It's alot of work and worry though
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Hihi! =^__________________^=:tounge2:

i think it largely depends on the owner(s). Say, how much responsibility you want to undertake, and other considerations like time, money, attention, etc.

Personally, i think kitties are like babies: they need a lot of love, care, attention.

i have two kitty babies now, and feel that i have room for one more. i have been looking for a championship potential kitten, as i like cat shows. The two i have takes up a lot of me, as i spend a considerable amount of time just taking care, being and playing with them. It is all so worth it.. hehe!

So, i think it all depends on You!


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Lucky you to live in San Francisco. I went there with a couple friends probably four years ago. We stayed with a friend of one of my friend's who lives in Marin County. I absolutely loved it. We were only there for a long weekend, I wish it could have been longer. The scenery was awesome. I'd like to go back, this time with my husband.

I think my three cats get scads of attention from me. I give them all one on one time (on my lap etc.) as well as playing with them together. I think I'll do fine with a fourth too-just not sure about five though, maybe that'll be too much. I'm really going to have to think about that one!

I have a friend who has two cats and two dogs-now that's alot of work I think!
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Remember Humphrey Bogart in "Casablanca"? That is one of my all-time favorite movies (i am into classic films.)

:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash:

He said he moved to Morocco for the water..hehe..! i moved here for the weather. i lived in Boston prior to moving here. (Boston resembles Europe the most, in my opinion.) i first came here for a vacation, and simply fell in love with this plac - its weather, what it has to offer, etc. i like Boston, as it resembles Europe the most, but nothing is compared to here.

It gets expensive though.

However, where i live is SO SO SO convenient... i just went grocery shopping with my Venus (yes, i take my kitties everywhere.. hehe!:tounge2: ), and we went to a regular grocery store (Safeway) and a chinese grocery store (plenty of fresh foods n vegetables and Asian stuff.)

Sometimes, i bring the kitties to smell some fresh sea air at the beach! :jarswim:

There are a lot of restaurants here.. more than 4500 in the bay area, so eating out is not a problem. i go to the museums quite abit also. It is fun!

Very importantly, i go to different small pet shops to scout for cute stuff for my kitties - collars, beds, toys, etc... so, i am sure they are benefiting as well.

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I have 14 cats(or as i call them,Kids)And Think that having multiple cats Is great.My only suggestion to you is if you have more than one cat,to either Always get a kitten, or two adult cats with a already pre-established relationship.I find that getting two kittens at once helps the most with territorial problems because even if the other cats dont like the new kittens then They will always have each other(plus kittens are so cute together!).
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Wow, that's a lot of cats. Having 14 doesn't make me feel like 5 is very many. If I end up with five, both of the next two will be kittens. One we would end up with, we would bring home in April. If we get a fifth, I think we'd get it in September. (that is when a breeder that we really like will probably have kitties ready to go) So many cats, so little time.
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I liked Boston when I was there, but you can't beat San Francisco. I really enjoyed walking around Sausalito-cute shops.

I can't imagine taking my kitties around-they'd freak. Do you carry them in little "papooses" or what? LOL.
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3000 Sq feet should be plenty enough room for more cats than you have!!!

I agree with Sandie, that the way to know how manyis enough is when you can afford to give them all the best care possible. I just added cat #11 last week and I think that I could theoretically add one more in the future before it would be "too many". I've got close to the sqquare footage you do, between my main level, finished attic and finished basement. The kitties have the run of all 3 levels and there hasn't ever been a squabble over territory (other than who gets to sleep in between us at night, which is always a first-come-first-served thing )

So tell us about your new kitten-to-be!!!
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Wow some of you have soooo many cats! I have 2 and was thinking of getting a 3rd but was too worried that the 2 I have would lose out on proper attention. It's just me here to take care of them and play with them. I keep thinking my little lovey dovey 9 month old boy would have a hard time sharing me with a 3rd. I keep going back and forth. Plus I don't feel too keen about adding another litter box to take care of! So for now I'm holding back and spoiling my 2 little ones wrotten and they're loving it! How can you guys manage to love up 10+ kitties and keep them content? Then there's the issue with higher risk of diseases with that many, don't you guys have problems crop up with that many?
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Well there are 2 of us here and we both work from home, so there is always attention for kitties when it is craved

I have never had a problem with the cats being sick. (crossing fingers that I am not jinxing myself by saying that...)Sparkey, the newest addition, had a cold when I adopted him last week, so he is isolated here in the computer room til the antibiotics are finished (in another 2 days) and then he will have the run of the house like the other do.

Litterbox cleaning isn't fun, but with 2 of us, we divide it up. We alternate days, so no one has to clean boxes 2 days in a row, and we scoop them no less than twice a day.

I would say the only problems I have encountered with having a multi-cat household are:

1) My mom won't visit (not that this is a problem )

2) Some people think we are crazy to have this many pets. (I think people with more than 3 kids are either crazy or candidates for sainthood! )

3) It is hard to go away on vacation! Fortunately, we have a good friend who lives about 5 miles away who also has multiple cats, and we trade off cat sitting favors when needed.

4) Sometimes it is next to impossible to roll over in bed at night, particularly on chilly winter nights when everyone wants to snuggle close
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LOL Mom of 10 cats, so right you are

We also are home quite a bit. When people ask me about the cats, I usually tell them that it's a lifestyle we chose. We have a few cats each that want to be with us all the time, and then there's those who only come to see us when they feel like it. They are all spoiled rotten:tounge2:
I too have been lucky and we havn't had many upper respitory infections in the house. We ALWAYS quarantine a new kitty and make sure they are okay before we introduce them. It's just a matter of taking the proper steps.
Both my husband and I passionate about cats and cat welfare. If you were to walk into our house, you would see that the house is geared for cats. The cats have 2 kitty couches,1 scratcher in every room, a 6 foot cat tree in the living room, and toys EVERYWHERE. We just bought this house, so our spring projects include cat walks for the main living area and our bedroom. We also plan to build a small cat enclosure so that they can go outside when it's warm and lay in the sun.
Although it's alot of work, I don't think we would ever have it any other way.
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Mom of 10 cats,

In answer to your question, our new kitten will be a male. I guess we've decided that much-after the thread on males vs. females we decided we'd stick to a male. (we have three males right now) The breeder has a seal pt. Siamese, and two Colorpoint Shorthairs, one a seal lynx point and the other a blue lynx point. We told her we weren't picky on color, just to pick out for us whichever one is most loving and laid-back. I have sort of guilt feelings because I know how many cats out there need homes and here we are buying another one. But my husband in particular, is absolutely stuck on the Siamese (and variations thereof) personality. I have to admit, I like their personalities too-such a demanding and "in your face" kind of cat.
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Best of luck with the new guy! Be sure to post pictures when you can!
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Yes, I will post pictures, if I can ever figure out how in the heck to do it!!!!
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