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Tips on keeping cat quiet after neutering?

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I'm at a bit of a loss here...
I just got my kitten Church neutered yesterday at a spay/neuter clinic and they said to keep him quiet and no jumping. I can't figure out the best way to do that! I've only had one cat neutered before (most were already fixed when I rescued them) and that was a feral so he stayed in a cage and had no chance of jumping. I'm just not sure how best to keep Church quiet, especially since he wanted to run and play as soon as we got home last night! Normally his litterbox and food dish are BOTH in places where he needs to jump to reach them!

I am not sure what to do with him when I'm gone today. I don't have any room in my house where there is nothing he could jump on. Last night I kept him with me until I went to bed, then I had him stay in the cage where he stayed when he was a tiny kitten when I couldn't keep an eye on him. His litterbox is now kept in that cage so the dogs can't reach it, but he was VERY unhappy when I had him stay in there overnight and it's not really big enough for him and his litterbox now. I put a bed in there next to the box and he barely fit. Then in the morning there was spilled litter all over the bed, which can't be good for him to sleep on with his incision!

Right now I have him tethered on my bed with his harness on, but I had to make the leash pretty short to keep him from jumping off and he is crying. Obviously I can't leave him tethered while I'm gone because it's not safe but I was wondering if anyone might have another idea of what to do while I'm gone? The only thing I could think of was maybe if I put an e-collar on him he would avoid jumping? I have one left over from my last foster dog, and it's small enough it would probably fit him...
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If you aren't giving him meds for pain, he probably won't overdo it anyway. Male neutering is much less invasive than spaying and often doesn't even require stitching/gluing the incision together. What they are more likely trying to say to you is to not play aggressively with him or his cat wands, etc.

As long as he and the dog are separated when you aren't there I wouldn't worry too much. He'll pace himself according to how he is feeling I'm sure. I'd be more worried about tethering him to the bedpost as he could injure himself trying to get free.
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As long as he's not racing around at top speed its safe to let him go explore. Only thing I watched for in the boys was to be sure he was clean where the incision is after using the litter box - no "stickies" from the litter.
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