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All grown up!

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Captain Squishy, Garfield, Taco and Woodward. "The Boys", our babies from last year, are almost all grown up now! Today is such a beautiful day, and I realized I hadn't gotten many new pictures of them lately, so I took them out on the back steps for a photo shoot.

Captain Squishy - he will be 1 year old on April 28th (and of course I'll have a big "happy birthday'' thread for him and his brother then). He is 7 pounds now.

Garfield - will also be 1 year old on the 28th. He is 6 pounds now.

Woodward - 9 months old now. He is a big boy at 8 pounds. He is extremely stocky and muscular with HUGE feet!

Taco - also 9 months old. He is my little guy at just under 6 pounds. He hasn't had a herpes flareup in 4 months now . Taco is very much a momma's boy and is always with me.

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Awww, look at those big grown up baby boys!! They are all so handsome
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AWWWW you know I love those RED boys - one's more handsome then the next one
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Oh my, they are super handsome.
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Great pictures and very handsome boys!
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AWWW! What hndsome young men they have become. They are all just adorable, but I have a big soft spot for Captin Squishy and Garfield.
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what beautiful cats they have grown into! i just can't get enough of all the beautiful ginger kitties on this site!
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My Lord they are all just so cute!!

Kisses for all the big boys!
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They have grown into very nice looking boys!! 'em all!!
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aww, sooo sweet!
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Oh, my goodness. What gorgeous boys!!

I don't know......even though they're all handsome, Woodward has very soulful eyes. I think I love him.
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Such lovely boys, all of them -- but that second to last one of TAco, is just too cute!
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What big boys! And, I just love Garfield's "Elvis" impersonation! Beautiful family!!
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Look at those gorgeous cherubs!
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They're beautiful! And hey, if Woodward or Taco ever decide they need a change of scenery....

Give them happy birthday scritches for me.
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They are SO gorgeous. OMG, I think I just lost my heart to Capt. Squishy. What a lovely, lovely boy.
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