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Mostly just a question.

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Hello, I came by to ask a question about one of my kittens. Tubbay, one of our kittens my cat had last fall, is kinda weird, in our house we call him the mutant. you seem he was born with "triple" paws. and extra thumb to the extra thumb a double pawed cat gets.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else has seen or heard about that at all? My Mom keeps saying she wishes she could breed him and get more mutant freak cats, but she's weird. If you could tell me anything about it, it would be nice thanks!
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Tubby is a polydactyl (meaning multi-toed- meaning he has 6 toes probably on all feet. Some polys have more toes- there is one Poly named Twinkle-Toes, he has 6 toes on his left front paw, seven on his right, and six on his hind paw. Normal cats have five toes on each paw and four on their hind paw making 18 total.

Please instead of breeding your kitty, get him neutered when he comes of age. He will live longer if you do this.
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oh yeah, Tubbay has 7 claws (toes?) each on his front paws, and 5 on his hind feet. I'm pretty sure he got it from his mother, though she only has 6 on her front.

I wasn't planning on breeding him... but we're trying to find a home for him =^ ^=;;;
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Oops sorry- Tubbay not Tubby... I have two polys, they are both a trip!
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You might be interested in this cat. His name is Mooch and he possibly has the world's record for number of toes, there are 7 toes on each foot which gives him a total of 28 toes.

More Toes On "Mooch" The Cat
(Oakland, Maine-AP, September 2, 2002) WA — Mooch the cat has nine lives and 28 toes.
Bob and Becky Duval say the large, yellow feline has more toes than any other cat in the world. The Duvals have submitted evidence they hope will earn Mooch a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

"This is your 15 minutes - suck it up," Bob DuVal said to Mooch as the feline struggled out of Becky Duval's lap.

At the couple's home, a nervous Mooch padded defensively across the kitchen floor, avoiding visitors and the clicking camera.

Those who manage to catch a glimpse of the cat before he dashes off are stunned when they see his toes.

"Usually, their first remark is, 'Oh, my God, look at that cat's feet - what's wrong with him?"' Becky DuVal said.

DuVal said he was listening to the radio last week and heard about the world record for most toes on a cat, currently held by Paddles, a black cat in Ennismore, Ontario, who has 27.

"Mooch has 28 claws," Becky DuVal said Friday. "He has 28 pads, but two of the pads are partially fused."

Mooch's big feet have an advantage in Maine.

"They're good snowshoes," Bob DuVal said.
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wow, that's freaky
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One of my cats is a Poly too. His paws are so cute! We named him Polly before we knew he was a boy, it's more like Paulie now. He gets called Mr Paws, Mr Polly Paws and Mr Mittens sometimes too.
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awwww that kitty with lots of toes is sooo cute!!
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Ted's mom's late cat had 7 toes on each foot,she named her oddie.That was one mean cat.She was miss treated before mom got her.she never was a nice cat,no matter how she was treated after mom got her.And she lived 22 years!
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My Asim is a Poly and I am soooo partial to these little dudes, I just want to adopt them all! But of course never breed them.
Yes this is actually a genetic mutation. But I love all my mutant babies

Here's a pic of Asim when he was about 4 months old (when I got him) He has 22 toes in total *sniff* he was such a cutie, so small (well not really he was 6 pounds at 4 months) I don't think any of you have seen this picture, this was before we came here to this wonderful new home *aka TCS!*

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I have to repeat hissy ... get Tubbay neutered. Poly's aren't all that unusual, if you and/or your mom want another poly, they're not that hard to find, you just have to be willing to look. Besides which, I believe that breeding a poly is no guarantee of poly kittens... don't take my word for it, you'd have to ask the more breeding knowledgeable people here! But they are neat! I love the "snowshoe" look.
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You want to see what breeding poly's can lead to?! It's not a pretty site, yes PLEASE get all of your babies spayed and nuetered.
The majority of polys come from the North East for the USA, so if you live in that area, it really shouldn't be to hard to find, for adoption, not for breeding.

This is what is called a Twisty Cat, just an fyi what these people are doing to these cats is very unethical and not for any other reason then to once again "please us humans". I think it is sick, and very wrong. If you breed poly's then you chance bringing some poor little thing like this into the world, and yeah you are not garunteed more polys by breeding.

And if you don't bother to read the links, you at least can't esecape from this picture.

This one is a bad lady, I believe she really started all of this, or at least the one who deemed it as a good thing. She's been chased around the net having her site taken down for years!
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Setting the record straight-

Breeding Polys does not create Twisties, these cats (the Twisties) come from a more mutated breed gene than that.

Polydactyl cats are so common in the Boston area and around Florida, Ernest Hemingway had the first recorded Polydactyls and his home is now a historical site and he left them all well provided for. His original line still exists today, so much so now that there are Polydacytl cat shows and cat clubs and fanciers. The experts now call Polydacyls an established mutation.

The twisties on the other hand are a true freak of nature, as is the woman who orignially bred the first pair, two kittens mutated beyond belief due to inbreeding and not killed (which would of been the kindest of acts) and allowed instead to breed.
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this should be outlawed,and that women put in jail for animal abuse!!!
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Hissy: Do you have any proof that twisties can NOT come from poly's at all? I've read many articles a long time ago and spoke with many other poly and some twistie owners and it all said that breeding poly's gives you an increased chance of that eventual mutation (of the twistie cats) as I have also read that poly cats are attributed by inbreding as well. No I do not have these site bookmarked as it was many years ago, but if you have any new findings please show me, cause I'd really like to know now! Thanks!
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I do somewhere and I will email the info to you when I find it.
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Oh, i don't think Tubbay is weird at all, and i bet Tubbay is as adorable as any other kitty!!

Last Christmas, i volunteered for SPCA for their holiday window event(adopt-a-cat at a retail store in downtown) and there was Oliver, a 5-month old orange tabby. He has an extra toe on each paw as well.

He was one of the sweetest kitties in the world, always purring and very sweet-natured.

So, give Tubbay a kiss:lips: and hug:baloon: for me please...:tounge2:

:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash:

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I don't really wanna visit the links, so could someone tell me... what was I looking at? It looked like an out of focus kitty to me. Maybe it was my computer...
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I'm didn't want to breed him, I just want to find him a good home.

And I know that breeding Poly's might not get you Poly's. Tubbay's Mother is a Poly, though she has 6 toes on her front feet only, and their father, is not. Out of the five kittens we had two Poly's, Tubbay, and his sister, Mojo. We've found a home for Mojo so she's in good hands.

Right now, I want to get their mother fixed. As fun as having kittens are around the house, we really shouldn't have anymore. This one litter was unexpected.

Oh yeah, Kit ((the mother)) Was one of the first Poly's I have ever seen. I did see one around town once a long time ago, but that was really the only one. then Kit's Mother was a Poly too I believe, but I'm not sure. I live up in Nova Scotia, Poly's don't seem to be too popular up here.
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