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Cat's birthdays!...

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This is a very random post, but I thought I would put it up anyway! Post replies up and tell me when your cats birthdays are and tell me how old they are.


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Good thread Our cats birthdays...
Sliver: February 14th, 2001
Snowball: July 4th, 2001
Sage: April 12th, 2002 (Coming up soon!)
Sushie: June 28th, 2003
Spooky: July 4th, 2004
Spici: July 14th, 2005
Shilo: August 4th, 2007
Sadee: August 4th, 2007
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Brandy's birthday is in September...and I can't remember the day Shark and Arwen were born
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chloe is july 5th, 2005
i dont know when patchys is but i got her jan 27th, 2006 so we say hers is 1-27-98
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I only know some of my cats actual birthdates but for those that I didn't know, I just picked a date!

Grabat - June 22, 2000
Lilly - November 1, 2005
Leo - June 13, 2006
Tabitha - August 13, 2006
Spooky Bear - September 22, 2006
Spike - February 14, 2007
Garfield - April 28, 2007
Captain Squishy - April 28, 2007
Woodward - June 16, 2007
Taco - June 16, 2007
And the kittens (some of which we're keeping) - January 31, 2008

Hope I didn't forget anyone
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Unfortunetly, I do not know my cat's birthdays. I got Wesley from a house that were giving away free kittens (I did not think to ask when his b.day was). He's now about 4-5 years old. And Sox came from a friend who found her abandoned and so of course we didn't really know how old she was. My guess is she's 5-6 months old now.
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Originally Posted by Amber732 View Post

This is a very random post, but I thought I would put it up anyway! Post replies up and tell me when your cats birthdays are and tell me how old they are.


Persi's is very easy to remember, his birthday is April 16th and he will be two years old this month. We are planning a very big party for him. And since we do not know Alley's birthday, we have declared the same day for her.
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Mine are as follows

Levi - April 2nd, 2003 He's 5 today
Jordan - May 1st, 2003, he will be 5 next month
Isaac - March 26th, 2004 He just turned 4
Maggie - April 26th, 2005 She will be 3 in 2 weeks
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Limerick's is April 22. My baby will be 4!! It seems like yesterday he was a kitten! My how time flies.
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Coco turned 16 sometime in late Feb or March
Meeko will be 8 June 11
Sasha will be 2 Aug 24
Oreo will be 1 Aug 29
Stormy would have been 6 on Aug 1 which will be hard because my Sister has Midnight her Brother and my Cocos son.
Yoshi would have been 6 Sept 23
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When I adopted Piper, on her paperwork she had an estimated birthday of August 5, 2007, so that's what I went with.

For my dogs, since they didn't come with a "birthday," we just celebrate their "Happy Adoption Day" every year.
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Rocky and Oliver's birthday is in June, I think around the 9th or 10th. They will be 7 this year.
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Dahmer - April 12th, turning 2
Kayden - Turned 1 yesterday
Sassy - September 22 - now 6 months
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mine are all just guesses, really - i have the right months for most of them, but not Chip - so we celebrate his 'gotcha' day!
1/15/05 - Java
3/15/03 - Chip
5/1/07 - Firefox
8/15/04 - Cable
9/1/97 - Pixel [& Mouse!]
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The only cat for whom I have known the exact date was my first: Shasta was born on 6 June 1978.

Cindy and Fawn were 5 months old when we got them in October 2001, so they were born sometime in May, and since it was their Grandmeowmy who found them for us (a friend of hers was fostering them), we borrowed her birthday for them. (8 May 2001)

Suzy and Sam were "8 weeks -- or maybe it's 6 weeks -- I dunno -- my daughter would know -- she's not here" when we got them in October 1999, so they were born sometime in August, and we borrowed their other Grandmeowmy's birthday for them. (14 August 1999)

Gryphon and Nibs were six-ish years old when they came to us in April 1992, Gryph approximately six months older than Nibs, so we picked dates on either side of Shasta, so they could each have their own: Nibs was 1 Feb 1986, and Gryph 1 August 1985.
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Dexter and Sadie are littermates born July 17, 2000.

They will turn 8 this coming July 17th.
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Oliver was a street kitty, so his estimated birthday is January 18, 2002 - he's 6 now... my dog just turned 14 March 1 (again, an estimated date)... they get a family party and presents and the dog gets cake with candles! (food on fire scares the cat haha)
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All mine come from a breeder so I know their exact birthdays

Demetri 15 months old born January 3, 2007.
Farley almost 1 yr old born April 21, 2007.
Anastasia 9 months old born July 10, 2007.
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Since mine are all rescues they have no birthdays!
But they were born more or less:

Ichi, Ni, San,Yon - May 2006
Go - June 2006
Joji - 1994 (?)
Skinny - 1995 (?)
QT - 1997 (?)
Wawa - 2000 (?)
Ashley and Buddy - 2000 (?)
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Sierra's Birthday is July 27, 1994, and Serenity's is May 27, 2005!
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The lady that I got Rusty and Dusty from said they were borned the night of Dec 1 or early Dec 2... We will celebrate Dec 1

That makes my girls 4 months old....
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Thanks for all of the replies, I wrote this post and forgot to put up my cats birthday!

Dusty- 28th June- She will be 3!

Thanks again

Amber x
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Originally Posted by yayi View Post
Since mine are all rescues they have no birthdays!
Levi & Jordan's birthdays are guesses too. Rescue kitties are luck because they have 2 birthdays. The day they were born and the day you rescued them.
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Samson will be 1 next december the 14th

He is only 3 and a bit months old right now. little cutey
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Sparkle's birthday is the 16th February (born in 2007)
Glamorous's birthday is the 29th April (born in 2007)
Izzy's birthday is the 26th September (born in 2007)
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Because I dont know their exact birthday, but I do know approx. how old they were when we adopted them, we gave them birthdays that coincide with birthdays of people who are special to us.

Koda (cockatiel)- April 8, 2004 (turned 4 yesterday)
Kodi (cockatiel)- June 28, 2004 (will be 4)
Ripley (cat)- April 8, 2007 (turned 1 yesterday)
Cali (cat)- June 3, 2007 (will be 1)
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my new girl Sassy's birthday is:

the 12th March (born in 2005)
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cookies birthday is when we got her

cookies birthday: oct 21 2006 turning 2 this year =3
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  • Jack is July 30th, 2007
  • No Name is January 30th, 2005 (?)
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Heidy & Monty's Birthday: 14th March 2003 (both turned 5)
Ozkar's Birthday: 1st April 2004 (turned 4)
Sable's Birthday: 22nd April 2005 (turned 3)
Kairi's Birthday: 25th October 2007 (will turn 1!)
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