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My post continued...

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I wrote a post last month about a cat that comes into our house, I will just remind you for those that didnt see my last post. We live in a very quiet road and at the opposite end to us there is a house that breeds LOADS of cats, they bred over 50 cats at one point, therefore the RSPCA had to come round and take some away, but some of the cats were out and were not taken so they were left, abandoned. For many weeks now one of the cats has been coming in and has now made friends with our cat, Dusty. At first the cat would run out of the house every time we came through the door, but now he will let us stroke his head, but then back off. Also, when he first started to come in his fur was all dull and matted and now his fur is shiny and looks very healthy! Once we are able to touch him properly and lift him up, we will take him to the vets and get him cheked out. I am calling him a boy but actually we don't know, so thats another reason! Now he doesn't run out of the house when we come in and he lets us stroke his head, feed him and walk in out out of the room he is in. We re thinking of calling him Sooty because he is black and our other cat is called Dusty! He also has the cheek to lay on our beds when we are not in!
Please reply and tell me what you think.


Amber xx
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Please can you leave replies on this post, they can be about stories that have either happened to your cat/s or just giving advise etc..


Amber x
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Amber, I'm afraid I'm confused on what sort of advise you are looking for. Can you elaborate a little?

He sounds like a wonderful cat and is making himself at home. Be sure to get him to a vet to be checked out and have him neutered if still required.
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Are you asking about stories bringing strays in? Also are you sure no one owns this cat? The only cats in my neighborhood that come to me matted and dirty looking and then become soft and clean are the strays I’m taking care of that I find homes for. So maybe make sure he doesn’t have an owner if you want to take him in.

Id also not let him near Dusty. He may have something that could hurt your guy (feline leukemia, upper respiratory, etc).

He seems like he’s already making himself at home. What I have normally done with strays is separate them in their own room with food, water, litter, toys and 2+ hiding spaces with blankets. Take them to the vet asap, get them cleaned up, fixed, dewormed the whole shebang all while spending time in the room bonding even if that means sitting there silently, not acknowledging the cat for an hour to gain trust. Though your Sooty seems friendly enough.

I think the first goal would be to get him to the vet though, just in case. Is this what you were asking?

Also you said you don’t know if hes is male or female. Is he fixed already? If he is a stray and he is a boy you would know =).
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