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I think I found a kitty . . .

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Well, guess what, everyone? After much research and e-mailing and reading, I managed to find a site that has purebreds that need to be rescued in my area.

I found two kittens that I absolutely fell in love with, and I sent an e-mail saying that I would like to take one or possibly both if I can make sure that I can pay for vet bills, food, etc. for two of them. They are Russian Blues, one is standard blue and the other is black. They are sisters, eight weeks old.

I just hope that one of them is still there. Well, keep your fingers crossed for me, I'll hopefully hear from them tomorrow. I don't know what it was, but when I saw that picture, I was like, "That's my cat!" I hope it works out. Bye!
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Hi AuroraViva.
I hope they get back to you soon! We have a few members that have Russian Blue kitties, and they're so darn cute! I hope everything works out for you! :tounge2:
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Got everything crossed for you AuroraViva

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all of our fingers and toes are crossed!
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[color=sky blue]hoping everything works out for you Aurora, got fingers & toes crossed for you in Canada [/color]

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How nice to give a kitty a good home. I hope you get them.
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awwwww good luck!!
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Good luck!!
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Hope you get the kitty. With Russian Blues, though, watch out for Kass and Jan. Kass' Nakita is an alien gargoyle and Jan has been stalking her. :LOL:
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Originally posted by katl8e
Kass' Nakita is an alien gargoyle and Jan has been stalking her. :LOL:
Hey!! At least Nakita's a cute alien gargoyle!! And for Jan, I have no comment!

I am sending most positive adopting vibes your way AuroraViva!! Russian Blue cats are excellent animals! Since getting Nakita, I've never been disappointed!

I hope you get them! And if you do, we want pictures!!!

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hope this adoption works out for you.

i prmoise, though, i will not stalk your cat.

you'all are just silly. no more nakita art for you! :tounge2:
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Originally posted by Auburn412
no more nakita art for you! :tounge2: know we're just poking fun at ya!

What am I going to tell Nakita now? That her favourite artist is no longer available?

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They sounds so beautiful.. Good Luck!!!
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I swear, you've just had my dream come true for you! I'm absolutely in love with Russian Blues, and to find two from a rescue would just be ideal! Good luck, I hope this comes through for you. And you absolutely MUST post pics if/when you bring the little dolls home!!
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I would like to thank everyone for their help and advice. I still haven't heard from the rescue organization yet, but hopefully I will soon. Just a quick question. Would you recommend adopting both? This will be my first pet(s), so I would think it would be ideal, as they are sisters, so they can keep each other company. There aren't any reasons, other than finances, NOT to adopt both, right? I really would like them both, if I can afford vet bills and whatnot for two of them.

Also, I would like to say that this is the most helpful site ever. I didn't find it until late in my search for a cat, and I wish I had found it sooner! Everyone here is very helpful, and it feels good to know that there are so many cat lovers out there!
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Generally speaking, two is better than one. The advantages are that they will have a friend and playmate. They won't get bored as easily since they would have each other to play with, which translates to you won't find your home as destroyed when you come home. They also won't be as lonely when their person has to be away from home, they will have another kitty to play with, sleep with, snuggle with, etc.
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i say yes! absolutely. two is better than one, and it will be nice for them to have one another

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i think two is best!! it gives them a kitty playmate and someone to clean there ears :LOL:
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Well, bad news. They e-mailed me back and said that they've had a lot of inquiries and won't have them in May still. I sent an e-mail back asking if I went ahead and signed and paid for them if they would hold them for me. Aww, I'm getting frustrated. Two breeders that I contacted aren't breeding anymore, and two others haven't answered me at all. *sigh*
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Don't lose heart. Perhaps what you could do since you are already in touch with this rescue is to let them know what type of kitty/kitties you are looking for and when you will be able to adopt them and ask if either you could check back with them periodically or if they could contact you if they find out of something that they think would work for you.
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That is sad news, but there are lots of other cats out there desperately needing homes, perhaps you could open your heart and home to a non-purebred
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Yeah, those are both good ideas! I actually went to a small shelter tonight, just to look around, since I can't actually get a cat til May. I wanted to take all of them home! I will stay in touch with the rescue service, too. I still haven't found out if they will hold the kitties for me or not. I still may be able to have them.

Also, I read in a couple different places that if you get two young kittens (less than 4-6 months old), they may bond to each other and not bond to the humans as much. Is there any truth in this?
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I once got a pair, 6 and 9 weeks old. They both bonded very well, with people.
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I really think it's up to the individual cat personalities.

Some cats are more independant than others, kittens will be the same. I think if you go out of your way to handle the kittens and make yourself a known presence in their life , there will be no problems.

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If you do end up adopting from a shelter, may I make a suggestion?

Some shelters will have cats that had previous lived together, and bonded, whose owner can't keep them anymore for whatever reason. Adult cats are harder to place for adoption, anyway, since most people want cute fuzzy kittens, and placing two adults together isn't easy.

Think, you could not only be saving 2 lives, you could be saving a lifelong friendship.
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I would do that if I could. When Tigger finally goes, Darrell and I were thinking of adopting really old cats and giving them a few real good years left. Nothin worse then dying in a cage I'm sure. We can't do it now cause Tigger would have a caniption eventually though, eventually.
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