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Zoey is licking the floor...any thoughts?

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Zoey has been doing much better. It seems that much of her problems were related to the tail. Her walking is much better, she's started getting up into her favourite spot (on top of the cable box - it's warm up there), and she's eating on her own. Her albumin:globulin ration is now 0.6 (up from 0.2). FIP is becoming a less likely diagnosis, in my opinion - not my vet's (Dumb coronavirus test - he's more concerned about the tail at the moment anyway). There are still some symptoms that can't be explained by the tail (very high WBCs, neutrophils, previously high globulin/low albumin, some small neurological symptoms).

In any regard, I noticed something the last few days that has be baffled. Zoey has always been a little obsessed with one corner of our bedroom. It's a little nook in the corner with built-in shelves. The majority of the room has a rug covering the floor, but this section does not - it's just linoleum. I always assumed she was over there sniffing around because she could hear the cats upstairs. However, the other day, I noticed her licking the floor over there. So, I put a blanket down so she couldn't get to it. But today, I found her over there on top of the things on the shelf (a new set of sheets in plastic), and she was licking the plastic. I've never seen her lick anywhere else in the apartment. I closed the bedroom door and she keeps going to it and meowing. We live in a rental apartment. I've asked the people who painted it (our upstairs neighbours) if they spilled anything over there. I know there was a previous tenant had a dog in there, but that was a while ago. I've washed the floor a few times since we moved in.

Anyone have any ideas about what she might be preoccupied about? The shelves are varnished, but she's not licking the shelves (at least I haven't seen her do that)...she's licking the floor in front of them...and then the things on top!
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sounds like she just like how it feels on her tongue. she's licking linoleum and plastic, she might just like plastic. many cats seem to get these hankerings, i have a cat who loves tape for some reason. as long as it's not in a situation where she could eat/swallow it, i think it's fine. just make sure it's clean and free from any potential 'licking hazard'
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Bugsy is seriously obsessed with plastic bags. He gets so excited when I come home from grocery shopping and he will bolt to the bag, rolling over the bags, licking them, chewing them LOL. Of course since he started eating the bags we had to tell him a firm “no!†Now hes more sneaky, he will hide until we are out of the room and then we will hear the bags crinkling.

Cats are just weird lol. My Bugsy out of the blue will just develop new obsessions. Maybe your guy is the same.
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I have read that some cats really like plastic.

OK...so I think I was mistaken. The floor isn't linoleum. I'm not sure what it is...the same sort of tiles you often see in public places (not ceramic)...schools, hospitals. I'm not sure what it's made out of, but I don't think it is plastic.

We do have vinyl flooring in the kitchen, and I've never seen her licking that. She just seems really obsessed with that corner. I'm going to go pull the things off the shelf and see if I find anything telling.
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Coco chews Plastic and i have to take it away.
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