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OK nomally earwax is greasy and sticky right? Mine is always dry and flaky. It's really weird. Does anyone else have this?
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Nope. Mine is runny and greasy. Drives me crazy because I can feel it trickling along my ear canal which makes it itch like mad!

I use an ear syringe kit to irrigate my ears every day or two, otherwise I'll be in there digging around with all kinds of things and causing myself yet another ear infection.

Do your ear canals itch? Dry and flakey ear canals, along with itchiness could be a sign of a skin condition like psoriasis or ecsema. Have you been to a doctor to have your ears looked at?
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I don't have alot of it..but when I do see it, it is thick and sticky. Not dry and flaky..Maybe some people just have different consistencies?
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Trust me to open this thread when i'm eating
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Yes, pretty gross... perhaps I can end it with a recommendation:

DEBROX, in the box with a little bulb syringe.

Trust me. Solves all of the above problems when used regularly.
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