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A PJ fetish?

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Do you think Kahu has a thing for my pyjamas? Hmm?

An earlier pic that I didn't realise I had!
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Awww I think Kahu likes your PJ's a little too much
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Kahus is well settled in your jammies
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I dont know about the jammies, but Kahu sure is gorgeous!!! And he sure must love his momma!
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awww way too cute..yep he likes your jammies.
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We had a kitty who had a thing for silky nightgowns.

And I love Kahu!!!
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They must smell of you quite well... and that's why he's cuddling them!! He loooves his meowmy!!!
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Aww those photos are precious! Now that is a happy kitty!!
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aww cuteee!
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