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Here's my little bundle of energy. She's a roughly one and a half year old Siamese mix (any idea what she's mixed with?).

None of these are very good pictures, I'm not very good with this digital camera thing.

And the reason I can't have unguarded drinks around the house. She likes beer as well

We learned yesterday that she can climb trees. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me at the time. I don't let her out unless it's on a leash because she does like to run and I've chased her into the forest several times (once in the snow). So I've made her a few leashes depending on what we're going to be doing. There's a six foot leash for walks, a 25 foot leash that I can tie to the porch railing and let her do her own thing, and a 50 leash that gives her a little more room (all made out of mil-spec 550lb paracord, she can't break it).

I was out working on the car and tied her 25 foot leash to a tree so she could play around in the yard. Plus her claws are getting a bit long so I figured she'd enjoy scratching on a tree. I was sitting in the passenger side of the car putting the dash back together when I saw a little streak of white out of the corner of my eye. I look up and she's as far up this tree as her leash will let her. I ran over to talk her into coming down. She decided to back down about six feet and jump the last six or so feet instead of making a 12 plus foot jump. This is a pine tree that's at least 100 feet tall with no branches for the first 30 to 40 feet, without that leash she'd have been sitting on a 45 foot branch laughing at me.

Her favorite place to sit is in front of the computer monitor when I'm trying to read or type something.

So there's Briza.
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Aaaw, she's gorgeous!! But if I had been there I would have absolutely freaked out thinking of how she could have strangled herself in that tree!!
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Originally Posted by taterbug View Post
But if I had been there I would have absolutely freaked out thinking of how she could have strangled herself in that tree!!
That thought did cross my mind briefly. But she was on a harness, not just a collar, so she could have dangled all she wanted and all her weight would be supported by her chest and not her neck, so I'd have just had a cat pinata (sp).
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There ya go and boost my vivid imagination!! I can see it now! She has really pretty eyes. Are they blue? It's hard to tell on my monitor.
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Cat pinata!

What a gorgeous girl! Sounds like a right handful
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She sure is a cutie pie! Beautiful eyes she has too!
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Beautiful girl!
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Briza is a beautiful girl! Love her colors & markings!
Look foward to seeing more photos of her pretty face
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She is a beauty and a hoot
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What a lovely've got to get some pictures of her antics
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gorgeous! wooo! am loving The Simpson's, in the second picture!

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Yes, her eyes are blue.

Antics? Well. When I got her, she'd just been spayed, less than a week before. All the paper work said "don't let the cat jump around too much." Ok, I thought. She's just had surgery, she'll wanna lie around for a few days. I've had surgery several times and all I wanted to do was lie around.

I came home from work a day or two after I got her to find this:

That's the top of my kitchen cabinets, at least eight (probably closer to nine) feet off the ground.

wooo! am loving The Simpson's, in the second picture!
I think it's a funny picture considering the look on Mr. Burns' face. It's probably similar to how I was looking at the cat when I noticed what she was doing.
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this is a terrible picture and I didn't realize that the flash was on... but it's funny still.

I was trying to do some much needed work to the floor mat from my car (just as an aside, stock Impreza floor mats suck), and the cat saw something she'd never seen before and had to have a look and play on it for a while. She even curled up and tried to go to sleep before I flipped her off of it .

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