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I Got A Job!!

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I have been a Pharmacy Technician off and on for several years.

I was laid off last MAY!

I worked at a delivery svc. over the holidays but that ended in Jan.

I interviewed for a job a couple of weeks ago at the hospital.


She asked if I wanted to think about it or accept the offer now.

I tried to say it as calmly as I could.
I said, I will accept it now!

After a long conversation about getting this and that for my employee file, physical, etc.... I finally got all the info written down. The call was finished.

I SCREAMED SO LOUD, then thought, oh no, I hope the call disconnected on her end right away.
My poor pug Tinky got scared and came up to me to see what was going on.

I will be part-time, which is what I want.
Starting out pay is awesome!
I go tomorrow for my physical, then friday for my paperwork.
Then mon-wed. I have orientation.
Then I will train on days, then go to 3rd shift I think.
Which is FINE with me.

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I know its really difficult out there. I spoke with my recruiter yesterday and he told me that its just bad out there right now. The job openings are a few handful a month!!
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Congratulations my friend!......

for all goes all right in firts day of Job!..
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GREAT NEWS!!! Congratulations girl!!!
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Congratulations, I hope you love it!
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Congratulations!!! That's terrific news!
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Congrats!! That's wonderful news!!!

After I moved to South Carolina, it took me 7 months of constant applications to MANY jobs to finally get a call from a medical billing company. Then 6 months later a job I applied to SEVEN times in the course of a year & a half called me, and I'm still there today almost 2 years later
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YAY!! Congratulations!!
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WTG, Patty! St. M or D?
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