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My Daughters Hero... EEK!!

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So my DH was taking a bath in the bathroom upstairs and Angel had to go potty. So I went with her downstairs to the basements for her to go potty.
Dead center of peeing she see's a huge daddy long leg on the wall right next to her, she screams, runs away, not done peeing I might add!

Eek see's Angel upset and goes to see what the comotion was about. He then finds the daddylong leg, jumps at the wall, gets him in his paws, and eats him! "Crunch Crunch" Is all I could hear! It sounded like he was eating a potato chip!! So I came back upstairs, with Eek following me proudly, and told Angel the news! Needless to say, she was tickled pink! I was discusted, but she was happy! I was going to take him outside, but Eek had other ideas! Like, Lunch!! ICKY!!!
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Aww how sweet of Eek to defend your daughter.
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Eeeeek! A spider

sorry, couldnt resist!
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Originally Posted by Marianjela View Post
Eeeeek! A spider

sorry, couldnt resist!

WTG, Eek!
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Ickkk...I can't understand how they can eat spiders! It seems like they'd taste gross, but apparently not. Anyway, good job Eek or killing the spider. You can come eat mine anytime
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If any of mine see spiders, they will either tap it gently, sniff it, then sit and watch it!
They are not too keen on the whole 'eating it' business..
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My grisl will wait hours for a spider to come crawling done the wall so they can eat it. They eat flys to >.< *yuck*
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i thought daddy long legs were supposed to be really bitter but nontoxic. my uncle told me his dog ate one and it made him foam at the mouth and the vet said it was b/c they were bitter. they arent spiders, either. (just thought id share)
i try to prevent my cats from eating bugs (if i can help it lol) b/c my friends chihuahua almost died last year after it ate a beetle. he spent 3 weeks in the hospital in dallas and had 4 more weeks of meds and drs appts when he returned to oklahoma.
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Yeah, our cats eat all the bugs around here. It's nice for me 'cause then I don't have to deal with them!!
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Originally Posted by luvmycat1 View Post
Aww how sweet of Eek to defend your daughter.
My mom likes to tell about how her RB cat Samantha used to "defend" my brother and me when we were little. On one day in particular, my mom was changing my brother's diaper and something made him cry. Sam came running, jumped on the changing table, and gave my mom this look like "What are you doing to *my* kitten?"

Animals are really something else.
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Yeah, It was really gross, yet really funny!! Angel runs up the stairs and Eek kills the spider (or whatever it is) and eats it, then runs up to Angel almost saying "Did you see?? I Killed it for you!!" LOL
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Mine are so funny when a spider or bug comes around. They all three toy with it and then Mary shows the boys how it is done and eats them. She seems to know which ones not to eat because she plays with it and then turns away. The boys follow suit.
I have never needed an exterminator since I got them.
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