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First day at Wildlife Rescue

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I start volunteering at Wildlife Rescue today and OMG I almost died from the cuteness.

There was squirrels from tiny babies with their eyes closed up to about 5 weeks old, and they all generally LOVED their food! They'd sit in your lap, and hold onto the syringe I was feeding them with and just suck suck suck while looking up at me. These guys easily fit in my hand. When they got all the food they were allowed, I'd take the syringe away and they'd try to crawl all over me while I tried to stimulate them to urinate/defecate. Once I started stimulating them, they'd stop squirming and go into a little trance - so cute!!!!

Then there was older ones from 5 weeks up to about 8 weeks, who were a little more scared of people, but generally pretty good. They were eating some solids, but still being supplemented with syringe feeds. They were so cute - snuggling up in a ball with their tail around them, doing really cute yawns, wrestling with each other, grunting at me if they didn't want to be fed...

There were also hummingbirds which are so pretty! They were all older, so they just had a syringe with no nipple bit, and would suck out "nectar" themselves. One came in who'd been found on a sidewalk alive, but not flying, so the vet tech fed him, and he was sooooo pretty. He had black feathers around his neck, but when they caught the light they became bright, fluroescent pink! I love hummingbirds...

There were also baby dove type birds, and I had to put a tube on the end of the syringe, feel their crop ( bottom of their neck) to see how full of seed they were, then shove the tube down their throat, into their crop, and syringe the food into them. That was kinda gross, and I was worried I'd get the tube down the air hole rather than the food hole, but it was fine, and I'm sure I'll get the hang of it!

I can't wait until next week! I'll try to take my camera to get some pics.
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Pics pics. I gotta see these cuties. Sounds like so much fun and rewarding.
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Oh I bet the bird thing I could live without doing!

But baby squirrels?!? I feel like Veruca Salt in the new Charlie & the Chocolate Factory "Daddy, I want a squirrel!"
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There was the regular Eastern Grey Squirrels that we always see, but there were a few that were pure black as well (which were actually also Eastern Greys...)! They were my favourites They reminded me of Smudge when she was a baby
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
I start volunteering at Wildlife Rescue today and OMG I almost died from the cuteness.
I would have too! Baby animal anything just melts my heart!

So glad that you are enjoying it!
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Oh now you've got me started thinking... there's a wildlife center here in Plano, too... and I have experience, by golly! I babysat a little Barbary ape several times a few years ago! After him, I bet I could handle a squirrel...
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Awww, those squirrels sound so adorable!! I'm a bit scared of birds, but when they're babies, how bad could they be? Can't wait for pics!!
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Aww that sounds like so much fun! Hope you can post pics soon.
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That sounds so awesome!! I love baby squirrels. When I worked for the shelter, the guy I worked with found an injured baby squirrel and he took her home and hand fed her until we found a wildlife rescue for her to go to. He would bring her to the shelter with him and I'd help him take care of her while he was busy. She was sooooo cute!
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What an amazing experience you are having. I too will wait impatiently for photos.
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Ok, I have pics up in this thread
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CONGRATULATIONS on your new job. That has always been my dream job. About the hummingbirds, they are SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!! there were 2 sepreat times when a hummingbird flew into my window a little to hard. Both times I went outside to see if the bird was alright. I saw the bird on the ground stunned. I picked up the bird and held it in my hands for about 30 minutes until it was able to fly away. I made nuctue up so it could eat and gain streingth. I thouht it was AMAZING when it happened the 1st time. I thought it would be a once in a life time opportunity. I was even more shocked when it happened the 2nd time. I hope it doesn't happen a 3rd time (because the bird might get hurt) but if it does happen, I will be willing to feed and care for it.
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