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Flushing WCBL?

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Just how flushable is WCBL? I am currently bagging the clumps and throwing away daily....but if it really can flush I would like to do that-seems more sanitary than throwing poop in the trash!

Here's the deal: we live in a 120+-year-old rowhouse in Baltimore....I am concerned because I am sure that from here to wherever the pipes go there are some old, old lines. Will the WCBL clog up my pipes? Will it form a goop that will stick to the pipes? Has anyone flushed with success or failure?

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Honestly, I wouldn't recommend flushing it. Our house is 30+ years old and I tried flushing once and almost blocked up my toilet so I now go the safer route and just bag, tie and toss in the trash.
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I use WBCL and I flush the #2s. If they are nicely formed they tend to go hard and when you pick them up on the scoop and shake them a bit, there is hardly any litter at all on them.

I put the #1s in the bin.
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Maybe I will try a hybrid approach---flushing the poopies and bagging the urine. We'll see if my ancient plumbing can do it.

I do agree that the poops hold very little litter, once you shake them on the scoop.

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I lived in Baltimore County, but I would not flush down any kind of cat litter, especially with the older pipes/lines in the city. Even in newer lines I would not do it.

Just bag it up and put it in the trash
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In all honesty it is just me being lazy. I definitely do not want to screw up the plumbing.

*sigh* (will continue to have use for all the plastic grocery bags around the house.)
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This is the new rule in my home - considering the fact that I have many, many cats.

In a bid to reduce the use of plastic bags and do my little bit to save the earth:

All deposits in the various litter boxes gets put into newspaper bags. The newspaper bags are then put into one plastic bag and thrown away with the rest of the garbage.

Nothing goes into the toilet....
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I would like to use less plastic bags as well. Right now I use leftover grocery bags (because I frequently forget my cloth grocery bags! gah), so I'm re-using them at least but then I can't recycle them at my grocery store's plastic bag recycling collection bin.

I use World's Best Cat Litter and would like to start just flushing everything, but here's a silly question for those that do: how do you get the clumps/waste from the box to the toilet? Just scoop and carry it over in multiple trips in the actual scoop? Use a bag to carry it to the toilet?
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