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I am a fairly new cat owner

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But what I wanted to ask is, Is Iams really that bad of a kitten food? I was reading in one of the threads and I noticed one of you said they stay away from it... I have been using this for a few months now with my oldest kitty who is 9 months old, and our new kitten who is 4 months old she has only had it for 2 weeks now...Is Purina Kitten chow good? I would really like to know which ones are good at a grocery store while I do my regular grocery shopping for my family as well....I just really am trying to look out for my furballs and want to give them what is best for them,,,,TAOT
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i raised my babies on iams and eukanuba. and neo is 18 and moemoe is 14. So I think they are fine foods. Some people just like to make there own cat foor or they are really reallllyyyy picky about what is in it. If your kitties look healthy, and there bowel movements are good I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure some of the other people can suggust other foods, but as far as I know Iams is fine. I'm feeding my guys purina one now because they stopped liking the taste of iams.
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Iams is the best food that you can buy at a grocery store. I prefer to feed a food that is made with human grade ingredients, like Innova or Wellness, but they are only available at pet shops. Iams is an excellent food and one of my cats thrived on it, until I switched to the higher grade food. Purina is not very high quality at all. Becky
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Hi Rock&Fluff'smom

You asked if Iams is that bad of a kitten/cat food, and I'd say (and I am no expert, I just own one cat) that no, it isn't that bad. There are better, and there are worse... it all really depends on what you want to feed.

If you want to stick to brands that are sold in the grocery store, Iams is probably one of the best you'll find there. If you want to venture out to a pet supply store, you'll have more options in variety of foods that are higher quality.

I'm always rethinking about what I feed my cat... sometimes I think it's harder to feed him than it is to feed myself.
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Like I have said before, IAMS isn't an excellent food. Even some of the lower grade store brands are better. The new Friskies has no by-products in it, just the corn and soy. IAMS is a rip off, they are a big company stating that their food IS the best. They just want to make money. Purina Kitten Chow isn't very good. I raised one of my males on it and he grew up to be fat. Hercules was raised on Solid Gold and he is SO muscular for a kitten!

There are so many benefits from Ultra Premium cat food. I think that if you can fit it into your budget, buy the better food. Don't help IAMS make money! I wish they never put their food on the shelf! Depending on what store you shop at, I can't really give you any advice on what other food you can buy that's good!
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I asked this question on another cat board to someone who I really respect for her over-all knowledge about health and dietary issues- this is what she said when the question came up about two pet food companies and animal testing:

when talking in terms of "testing products on animals" the difference between chemical testing and animal feed control trials.

Although Colgate owns Hill's, that does not mean they are actively involved in the research and feeding trials of the products that Hill's uses. It should also be noted that companies like Hill's are coporate and huge because they are committed to their product, with millions of dollars spent in research, education, training, funding other organizations, sponsorships, and more. Iams falls within the same category. I would personally choose Hills or Iams over any off-brand, lesser-known brand who cannot even come close to the reputation and committment the prior two have shown in years past and continue to do.............................Traci
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Oops!!! i should have said neo is 18 and moemoe is 14 pounds neo and moemoe are going be three years old soon.

Iams makes eukanuba right? I think I remember reading that on the back of the bag. I'm really happy with purina one. I don't know how good it is. but the cats love it more then any other food we have tried.
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Rock&Fluff's: In my opinion (and several of the vets/nutritionist I know) no, Iam's is not the best food out there, far from it. When it comes to being limited to buying in grocery stores only, I would buy another product, ANYTHING other then IAM's. Now I can't lie, nutritionally, IAM's is better then say something like meow mix or special kitty, but I am sending you a PM with some info as to why I feel this way.
If you even have a walmart in your area, try the Maximum Nutrition line for a spin, it comes in kitten, adult and hairball formula, the ingredients are decent for what you will find in a store like that, and a lot less cost then the rip off which is Iam's.

Yes if you fed Purina One Growth and Development Formula (until each kitten turns 1 year old.) even that would be better then a lot of other foods in grocery stores.

For those who are curious here's the partial ingredient list.
Chicken, chicken by-product meal, soy flour, corn gluten meal, brewers rice, beef tallow preserved with mix d-tocopherols (source of Vitamin E), corn meal, fish meal, poultry by-product meal.
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i can't comment on Iams as i have not bought it before.

i read emails about Iams products, but just take it in with a grain of salt --- as i am not sure whether if it is a rumor or fact.

The San Francisco SPCA uses Iams. Personally, i use a bunch of stuff for my outside kitties:

Friskies, Purina One, Natural (WellBalance), and Wells. For wet stuff, i use Fancy Feast canned foods.

For my two babies , they just use Wellness and wetfoods. Please try Wellness, at least just once! It smells so good, even i am tempted to try them!! hehe!! Just kidding!!

i posted the ingredients of Wellness in another page. The salmon-flavored ones seem to be my kitty babies' favorite.

Happy shopping!! :tounge2:

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Poh: Probably most if not all of what you have read is true at least at one point or another, if not still to this date. Though I'm not sure of all the things you have red or been told.
P&G does not deny these accusations, you can read that for yourself on their official site.

A lot of shelters who feed food like that is because they can't all afford things like Innova, or that's what a big donator decided to give them on a regular basis, or they don't know about the accusations, or they don't know that much about animal nutrition to know that there could be something better out there for them.

One of the recent rescue groups used to feed Iam's and Science Diet, after speaking with them, they no longer feed either. As for why, they just plumb didn't know anything about the food. They just always saw the commercials on the TV and figured if it's on the TV then it MUST be the best food.
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Wow... i should AT LEAST send an email ....

i have a close friend who uses Iams furball something something for her kitties (she has 5)... (i am not sure of the complete name of the product, supposedly good for controlling hairball problems.).. is that a good product?

She was recommending it to me, but i did not purchase it (just staying clear --- i am very swiss.) Besides, the kitties are pretty happy with Wellness.

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