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The Babies

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Here is a picture of the 2 kittens that were left in a box on my porch 2 weeks ago. They were probably only 2-3 days old and I have been bottle feeding them. I don't know who left them or why. As far as I can tell they are both boys.

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ohhhhh! how could anyone abandon such sweet blue babies?
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If you are irresponsible and don't get your cat spayed the least you can do is raise the kittens and find them homes. I don't understand how anyone could dump a kitten like that. They are adorable. Are you going to keep them?
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Awww what sweet little things! What a blessing that they have you to love and take care of them.
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They are adorable, I just love a blue baby!!! What a bond you are building with these boys! Cant wait to see more updates as they grow.
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They are just too beautiful. Some people just need to be "taken care of." Good for you for taking on someone elses responsibility. Can't wait to see more pics as they grow.
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They are so cute!! I love grey kitties.
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How could anyone leave a couple of gorgeous little guys like that?!? I'm so glad they found a safe haven with you.

I would be so tempted to keep them.
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How could someone abandon those beautiful babies?

I'm glad that you are caring for them, they are so cute!
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Well if they had to abandon them they picked a good house...What the heck is wrong with peeps They are adorable, are you going to keep them?
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Oh my...what complete honeybees! You're angel for taking them in.
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Aww those little baby kittens are precious! Love their coloring
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Well.. to be honest I am not sure if I am able to keep them yet. It was totally unexpected and the timing really isn't too good. Survival has been the main focus so far.. but of course I am totally in love with them and don't know how I would be able to give them up either. I'm very torn about it.
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Awwwww, gorgeous boys they are
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They're beautiful. I have a soft spot for grey babies. Bless you for caring for them.
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I cannot believe how someone could do that. At least they didn't leave them in the road somewhere. It's still pretty heartless and cruel.
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Awww! Love the little sweethearts! Sending that you'll get to keep them or find a great furever home for them.
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