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one of my kittens is all white with pink eyes i think he is an albino? i named him bleach he is the one out of the litter im going to keep but i dont know how often albinos happen?? can some one help me?
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I found this link

I also read in Wikipedia that it is a recessive gene so it is not rare. However you need to ask your vet about the proper care of albino cats.
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Well... I'd call it rare! Or at least darned unusual. A recessive gene has to occur in both parents in order for the trait to appear in the offspring, right?

I agree, talk to your vet... and meanwhile, I'd keep the kitten out of sunlight and away from any bright light. Without pigment, he's extremely vulnerable to eye damage and sunburn.

Gosh, I'd love to see some pictures!
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he is all white with pink eyes he appears to visually track things and he can track things he hears so i have my fingers crossed he is the one i will keep so i can be SURE he is alright the rest of them will get their shots and hopfully a new home i am asking for a small adoption fee to screen out non serious mommies n daddies i am so proud of lola she had 5 kittens all healthy even though she is only 9 months old she is a great mom for as young as she is

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Originally Posted by ohssoftt View Post

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It would be rare if he's a true albino with pink eyes. Most white cats will have either blue eyes or gold eyes - not pink. Keep an eye on him and see if they change. He's still very young and eye color might change to a light blue or gold.
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He's adorable! From the link Yayi provided, it's clear that there are several kinds of white cats, which may be what she meant about them not being rare -- but only one type is a true albino, and that is a rarity indeed. Your little one may still develop pigmentation in his eyes, and maybe even in his fur -- kittens can change drastically in the first couple of months. Whether he turns out to be a true albino or not, though... he's such a precious little guy! Congratulations to Lola!
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If its a a true Albino thats rare! Cute kitten either way!

Some true Albinos CAN have blue eyes, depending on the species though!

Albinos have the characteristics of other members of their species, except that their cells are unable to produce melanin, a dark pigment that results in normal coloration in the skin, scales, eyes or hair. A lack of melanin usually causes an animal—or parts of an animal—to appear white or pink, or to have a bleached look.

Animals can be pure or partial albinos. Pure albinos usually have pink eyes, nails, scales and skin. They're pink because, without coloration, the blood vessels show through. In humans and some other animals, the eyes of an albino are light blue or green because of the way light passes through the iris.

Partial albinos have some of the coloration typical of their species, but parts of their body appear white. Piebald deer, which have splotches of white on their fur as adults, are a good example. Many red-winged blackbirds have a partially white wing, and partial albino raccoons will have a white patch on their fur.

Being white doesn't make an animal an albino. The true test is whether it has pink or light blue eyes.

Leucistic animals have mostly white skin, hair or scales, but will have some dark pigmentation in their eyes and nails. Though leucistic animals are not as rare as true albino animals, many are displayed at zoos.

Here is what Albino humans look like.

Albino African American

Albino Caucasian
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