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Is It Her Time??

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I think I read somewhere that just before a cat has her babies, you will be able to feel the kittens moving. I felt Salem's belly this morning, and I could feel movement. Does that mean that she's getting close to delivery??

I'm as nervous as a first-time Mom!

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Sophie had babies 14 days after I felt movement so you might have a while to go.
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Originally Posted by Lindsey88 View Post
Sophie had babies 14 days after I felt movement so you might have a while to go.
The shortest amount of time I've noticed between feeling the babies and delivery was 10 days. The longest was one day shy of 3 weeks. The average seems to be around 2 weeks for most cats.
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My Coco was getting kicked hard when she still had 3 weeks to go.
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I felt my current foster's kittens, longer than 2 weeks, but on average, I'd say I feel them 2 weeks prior, and see them 1 week before delivery.

Good luck! Hope you have a stress-free wait!!
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Yep, I would give it a couple weeks!
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Yup, as others have said, I felt Ms Friskers' kittens moving about 3 weeks before delivery, and saw them moving externally about a week and a half before delivery.
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Thanks everyone for your input. Now at least I have an idea.

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lizzies kittens were moving for about 1 1/2 weeks before delivery (she only had 2) foxys kittens have been moving for 3 weeks now and have seen them moving for 2 weeks the last week it looks like they are kicking her insides about lol
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