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Well Fangs A Lot Dad!!

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I caught Milo relaxing in the hammock, but when he spotted me he came bounding over. Trouble was he was trying to yawn at the same time, at least I dont think he was trying to eat my camera

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Hehe that is such a well taken picture! Looks like he is saying "come any closer and you will pay"
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It is an excellent picture. He looks like he is shocked about something happening just over your shoulder.
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Yeh he does look like he is in hunting mode, but a split second after the shot he came to an abrupt halt and stretched his mouth wide open, bless him
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"You caught me!"

What a hilarious expression!!
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Great picture! He looks rather surprised
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That is a great picture
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That photo is great!! Love the expression on his face!!
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he's a handsome boy! i love it when you can catch a photo with their mouths open, so sweet!
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Looks like he is talking to ya So cute!
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aww cuteee! can i take him home?
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