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Nemo's kittens

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Hi Everyone,

Sorry I haven't been updating about Nemo's kittens but my computer crashed and it is finally fixed. The kittens are doing great. They all weigh about a pound now. They are running around and fighting each is hilarious to watch. I have good homes for all three of them. The girl is going to one house and a friend of mine wants the two boys.

Should I be starting to try the kittens on food soon? Will Nemo teach them how to use the litter box? I bought special kitten litter and have that in the closet with them.

Here are couple of pics from the other day.

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Awww! So cute!
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They are adorable! How old are they now?
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They are 5 weeks today.
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If they are 5 weeks you can definatly start them on wet food/wet dry food and the litter box. What my grandmother did when she had a litter of kittens was put them in a small litter box and take their foot and scratch the litter with it. Usually they learned very fast how to use it. Good luck!
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Awww, they are adorable!

Definitely introduce food and a litter box now. My foster kittens were all using the box at 4 weeks old and started eating around that time as well. Be sure that you use a non-clumping litter because they will most likely try to eat the litter at first!
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OH MY GOD they are too adorable!

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AWW! They're so pretty!
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Advice already given, but I just wanted to drop in and say they are so darn cute! Thanks for sharing.
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If mom is nursing them you don't need to start on solid foods (soupy canned at first or moistened dry) till around 6 weeks old. Any younger and they won't really eat much and you'll drive yourself crazy for trying to force them.

And put a shallow litter box in the area they are kept in - a small cake pan will work good with clay litter.

Kittens will nurse up to 3 months old if mom allows it, so no rush in solid foods. By 7-8 weeks old they should be eating solids fairly well.
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