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litter tray woes

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Hi everyone. I have two wonderful cats. Lavender is a three year old male (Yes, I know the name isn't very macho - my daughter chose it). He spends lots of time outside and does his 'business' out there too. Destiny is a two year old newcomer to our family. She is spending a little time outside but insists on always coming in to use the litter tray. How can I encourage her to go outside instead of using the tray? Please help! I have a weak stomach and am unused to cleaning litter trays.
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Hi scamp32 and welcome to the forums!

Cats need to feel safe while doing their business and Destiny doesn't feel safe enough outside yet. You will need to give it time and when you see that she likes it outside, you can gradually move the litter box towards the door and then to the outside.

Again ,given time, there's a good chance she'll go outside by herself, as cats prefer to defecate on the borders of their territory.

So many cats have litter box problems, you should be really happy that Destiny uses the box She could have been using your carpet instead... That's why you need to be very careful with making any changes that she won't like. If she doesn't feel safe outside, she will use the carpet.

By the way, I hope that they are both neutered/spayed and that your environment is safe enough to let them outside.
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Many thanks for your warm welcome and your sensible advice. Yes, both our cats are desexed. We are fortunate to live next door to a huge park and reserve, with farmland beyond and a creek. Lavender roams this area for hours at a time and I am sure Destiny will too when she gets used to it. So far she has not ventured beyond our immediate yard area, and only then with trepidation. I would guess she is used to being an indoor cat. We don't know her history as we got her from the animal shelter, where she had been found as a stray.

On another note, I would just like to boast about my daughter Alana, who is very passionate about animals. Recently for her eighth birthday she asked her party guests to bring pet food instead of presents. She then had 55kgs of food to present to the animal shelter. It was all Alana's idea. I was so proud of her for being so selfless.

Boasting over now! Again, thanks for your help.
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Oh what a mature little lady! That really was a wonderful thing she did, bless her heart! Will you please tell her for me that there is a crazy cat lady in Ashland Virginia who thinks she is very smart and very sweet?

Thanks for posting about your daughter and her selfless act - it warmed my heart (I have a teenager - *sigh*).

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Scamp 32

I think your daughter is wonderful and deserves all the praise she can get. Well done to Alana!

I have cats that basically are free to come and go during the day but are kept in at night, though they still have access to an outdoor enclosure with a natural soil litter area. I also keep a large litter box inside which they seldom use unless it's raining - most cats hate getting wet. But normally they definitely prefer to use the garden or their natural soil area in the enclosure and I'm sure your problem cat will, too. She's probably known nothing else but a litter box.
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