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Truckers Protest

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What do you think? Will this help get our fuel prices down?
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They should take a look at fuel prices in Europe if they think they've got it bad.

So many factors are involved in the price spiral that protests calling for government action are pretty futile, especially since fuel isn't highly taxed in the U.S., as it is elsewhere.
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The oil companies are wanting to keep their tax subsidies despite huge profits. They aim to open our off-shore drilling and will use the high prices to get their way. They told Congress that today
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My sister and I were talking about this other day. This strike will do no good unless ALL truckers strike. The only one's that joined the strike are the independent truckers. I don't know the statistics, but at this point, I am guessing that there are more truckers that work for companies than are independent. When saying that, company drivers are the truckers that do not own their truck and do not ultimately pay the fuel costs. More truckers had to become company drivers due to making no money because of the rising costs and no rise in what they are allowed to charge as even this article stated. There are a lot of truck drivers in my family and every single one of them are company drivers now.
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