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How to teach kitty to not sleep on my pillow

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Snow likes to sleep on my pillow, right next to my face, at night. When I first got her (a several months ago) I didn't mind so much, but now I really want her to stop! I am constantly fighting for pillow space at night, but what's more is that I don't want her feet/rear end so close to my face. It just seems so unsanitary. She's a good kitty and usually listens to what I say. For instance I have taught her to not get on my kitchen counters, fridge etc.. places she used to go when I first got her. But I think she might be confused about what I'm telling her, and it doesn't help that I'm trying to teach her late at night or in the morning when I wake up, and I'm super sleepy, and not very patient. I think she might be confused too because I like her to sleep on my bed, anywhere on the bed/comforter she chooses, but I just don't want her on my pillow!! How can I teach her that? Does anyone else have this problem?
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Jack sleeps on my pillow with me and he presses himself right into my face, but i love it I really don't know how you would stop her to be honest. It probably would have been better if she wasn't allowed in your room, but now that she's used to going in now it'll be harder to keep her out?.
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My Capone used to do that. I sleep with two pillows so what i did was make it so that there was a few inches of room on the bottom pillow between my pillow/head and the wall. When he would lie near my face id pick him up and place him on "his" new spot on the bottom pillow and scratch his ears for a few seconds to make him sleepy again. So basically he still sleeps on the pillow but in his own space away from my face. Not sure if that would work with all cats but it worked with mine.

My problem now is getting busgy to stop sleeping between my feet! I kick him and roll over him every night LOL. Poor babes.
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Just lift her off and calmly place her on the part of the bed you want her to sleep in. Don't talk or fuss over her, or she might think getting back on the pillow is a good attention-getting game. You'll have to repeat this many times, but eventually, after a few months, she'll get used to sleeping where you want her to.
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Try putting an extra pillow on the bed. Charlie does this in the morning when he wants you to get up and feed him. Squishes himself on the pillow purring and laying on my head/face and then starts kneading
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Well if you've been letting her do it for several months, good luck to you.

My resident pillow thief was given his own pillow but he didn't want it. I just got used to butt in face.
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must admit i'm not sure how you would stop her now. milo and tabitha sleep on my pillow (not together!) but i love having my kitties close.

hmm, aside from shutting the door i don't know.
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spraying some cat repellent on the pillow should do the trick.
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I want mine to sleep on my pillow with me....I love bed snugglers! We have 3 cats that sleep with us at night.
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I learned that I can actually breathe through cat fur because Bijou loves to sit on my pillow against my face for a few minutes each night before he settles lower down in the bed.
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Well, as one of the other guys said, you might have to reprogramme her by lifting her and moving her, giving her one quick stroke under the chin to let her know you're not angry and then leaving her. Sorry, I've just assumed it's a her. I apologise to Snow if he's a little boy!!
Anyway, unfortunately, Snow will smell where he's been, so you might have to steam clean your pillow and pillow case, so he doesn't recognise the smell anymore. When he recognises the smell, he probably equates that to his foster mum saying it's OK to sleep next to her. Alternatively - and I'm clutching at straws here - put a bit of lavender oil on your pillow. Don't drench it, and don't allow him in there unsupervised cos he might try and lick it, but I can't imagine he'd be too pleased to sleep on a pillow that smelt so strong. Plus it'll help you sleep !!
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