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young pregnant kitty!

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Hi, I'm new to this forum! I am a huge applehead siamese lover, I've always had 2-3 for over 16 years.
I have a female blue point (with some tortie point and snowshoe in her) that is pretty pregnant. Unfortunatley she is a little under a year old. I can't say for sure when conception occurred. I know her heat cycle happend late January, and here we are at April 1st. I know for sure her heat cycle ended around Feb 1st. I own the male as well (who is getting neutered today, April fool's for him indeed)!

I've been giving her kitty vitamin's and an organic kitten diet, she's been eating a ton!
She's been looking for nests, she really wants to have them in our closets but we made a few boxes in quiet dark rooms with towels and pillows we don't care about, she's ok with them.
The past week she has been really super affectionate to myself and my fiance, which she normally isn't to him. She's always pretty clingy with me, but more so than usual the past week.
You can see the fetuses moving around in her tummy pretty well. The past few days she's been really lethargic and eating a little less. She also has some very dark discharge coming from her vulva. She licks it away pretty often though, so there's not a lot coming out.
I will try to post some pictures, the image insert link isn't working right now. I'm just wondering if this all sounds good/right for where she's at in her pregnancy. Any info or advice would be much appreciated! Thank you!
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She'll probably have another week to go. Females have kittens from day 63-68 and she's just at around day 60 according to your calculations.

Glad he's being neutered, but keep him away from her for 2 months - he can still get her pregnant again while nursing kittens for up to 2 months after being neutered.

And I hope she is scheduled for the spay asap after having the kittens.

Please keep the kittens for at least 10-12 weeks so they will be healthier both physically and mentally. It would be ideal to have those kittens spayed and neutered before leaving your house. After all YOU are responsible for every kitten you produce!
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Oh alright, I didn't realize he could still get her pregnant after he was neutered. The vet didn't tell me that this morning.
I am planning to have her spayed after. Quite a few of our responsible friends and family members already have put in bids for the kittens. I already have planned to get them vaccinated at 8 weeks as well. They are very desirable in Maine and hardly stay in the classified ads for more than a week. I would know because all of the ones I have and have had took a while to get!
Maine state law says you can't sell or adopt out any puppies or kittens until at least 8 weeks of age. I intend to sell/adopt them out by 10 weeks in order to give them proper socialization and nuturing.
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