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Daily Thread Tues April FOOLS DAY!

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Morning people!!

It is 11 degrees and rainy today. Trout is on my lap, and I have 2 appointments for work out of town today So I won't be in the office at all today!

Life couldn't be better

I have Friday off..and I can barely wait for the weekend

I hope you all have a lovely day as well!
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Sounds like fun! I love field trips when you're still working and not having to stay in the office!!

Today is rainy, but warm...somewhere in the 50s.

The cats are surprisingly calm this morning...I'm worried.
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I'm about to head out to jury duty.

Wish me luck, whatever that might mean.
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I'm about to head off to work after 2 months off. At least it's above freezing here now! I don't think I could cope with snow and cold right now.
Have a good day everyone!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I have Friday off..and I can barely wait for the weekend
Yeah i bet you can't

It's blowing a gale here today, and tonight i'm out with friends for dinner.
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Well March went out like a lion in Wisconsin yesterday. We got over 1 inch of rain by 6 pm last night-of course thats the time we went out for dinner (chinese buffet) and a stop at Home Depot.

Many schools in northern WI are closed and there is a blizzard warning in the UP of Michigan in Marquette county!!

But the 40's then return for the rest of the week. Perhaps the rest of the snow can melt away.

Working on mailing/emailing my welcome letter today. Then off to run some errands the cats are low on food. Hate to have them go hungry!!

Have a good day.....
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Morning All!!!
Rainy and very mild here today..

Heading off to work shortly, I have a couple of meetings this afternoon so will most likely have to work late.

After that just home and a movie.

The kitties are good this morning, all decided to go back to bed and are now snoozing away...Lucky kitties.

Everyone have a good day
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Morning cats!

It's cool and cloudy here today. It looks like it will be like this for a while still.

Not much going on today. Just school and then back here to play some guitar and hopefully finish writing the song I'm working on.

Hope you all have a great day.
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Rainy and I THINK I've heard some thunder here. Only thing I know going on is I have to go to the grocery store.
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After tonight, I have 5 days left of my current job . Can you tell I am excited?!! I have 3 weeks off and then my new job starts!! It's nice and warm here today (62* right now) and the kitties are having a good time looking out the windows.
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it's 32 and overcast here... of course in Portland that means nothing... yesterday we had the most bizarre weather... rain, then hail, then sun, then snow, then rain, then sunshine... and then more rain...

Even though it's my Saturday, I have a busy, busy day ahead. I have to start laundry, go pay for my classes (more on that in a moment), go to the shelter for my volunteer time, then hit my massage therapy time (with the abuse my body gets at one of my jobs, I need it) where she'll really dig at the knots in my muscles... then come home, fix dinner, and head downtown on the train to my first class...

to explain: I've been going to a Career Counselor a few months and she's encouraging me to explore career options that interest me... since I'm a very visual person, she wanted me to do an Intro to Graphic Design... but it's full... so I'm taking one step back from that and taking a drawing class... the way I see it is that if I can't draw by hand, I'll be worse at the computer!! That class is tonight, then I've also signed up for an online class in Business and Marketing Writing... they're not full-on college courses, just 'enrichment' classes for no credit... but they'll be interesting nonetheless. I already have a BA in English... so I have the background... anyway...

I also am working on designing a project for a contest at one job (the fabric store)... I have 10 yards of donated fabric to make 'something' ... I'm not gonna make a quilt... so I'm thinking lightweight coat or dress... funky... so that's running circles in my head as well...

Okay, I'm being very chatty for having no coffee yet... yeesh.

I'll go wake up now...
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Its nice and warm here today. My thermometer says about 14 degrees. It is really windy though.

I am off work today. Except for the 2 days we were closed for easter, I haven't had a day off in over 2 weeks. My boss just called and asked me to work, but theres no way I am going in today. I have too much cleaning and laundry to do that hasn't got done in a while because I have been too busy working.
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