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Puppy names

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I will be picking up my new puppy late next week. The breeder calls her Stella, and I would like to give her a different name. Does anyone please, have any ideas for a Border Collie.
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A friend of mine has 2 working BCs, they have sheep. They're named Double & Trouble. I love it, they're awesome dogs!
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I have a border collie mix whom I've named Lola.

You need to post some pictures of her so that we can see her!!
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Do you have a pic?
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Border Collies are herders, so my first thought was Chaser (or Chase) But since she's a girl that might not work.... hmmm... what is the name of her breeder's kennel? Maybe something goes with that?
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My border collie /shepard mix's name is Lady she is the smartest dog in the world. This is my precious Lady whom we call Ladybug [IMG] [Img]
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How about Zipper or Zippy, or even Zig-Zag. They are very athletic dogs!
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It's tradition to call working herders by one syllable names, isn't it? I realize she might not be, but the name "Fly" for a border collie always struck me as an awesome one.
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