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Flea medication

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Ok so I need to get Pepper on some flea medication (he's been sneaking outside) and I have no idea what to use. He is my first cat and until now has not been on anything for fleas.

Just thought I'd see what you all use. I'd prefer to get something I can order online, and I tend to lean to the most natural remedies/preventatives I can. May not be possible with flea medication for cats, but the fewer chemicals the better as far as I'm concerned.

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i like Advantage. i think this is a pretty good product for flea control. Once a month should be suffice if your cat goes out occasionally. Oh, don't forget to control the yard and the inside house as well. (the main three areas to control fleas and ticks)

i am kinda against flea collars cos i think they are really toxic!!

It is easy to apply advantage. Just apply on the back of the neck of your kitty, and let it spread on its own (with your kitty's help.)

Petco and Petsmart are expensive places to get cat stuff as they spend a lot of money advertising. i find that their mark ups are pretty high.

Surfing the net is a good idea!


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Hello, I also use Advantage. It's definitely full of chemicals -- manufactured by the Bayer Corporation. But, it works so so well. It's amazing stuff. Let us know if you find a more natural, yet effective, flea remedy!
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I say get revolution! I just made this on another post, but here's a good comparison site for you to look at!

I have used frontline on my gang, and revolution on fosters as that's what most the rescue groups seem to like that I have worked with.

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I just wanted to add, whatever you do, do not use anything over the counter, especially Hartz. The Hartz flea drops have been proven to cause neurological damage. I have used Advantage and it has worked very well with no side affects. Even something as simple as a flea collar from the store can cause a negative reaction.
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