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Is it a myth to not touch newborns

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I keep hearing conflicting things, is it not okay to touch newborns or is it okay?
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If you know the momma cat and she knows you, absolutely handle the kittens. Just stay near mom and don't walk off with her babies. You want to socialize them as much as possible right off the bat.
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We touch our newborns. It's necessary to monitor their weights, and helpful to detect their gender. We handle our foster kits daily so they can be properly socialized, when it comes time to home them.

I guess congratulations are in order? Look forward to seeing pics!
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I always handle my foster kittens from the moment they're born. I weigh them daily, and hold them and touch them several times a day (briefly at first) to socialize them. I do always keep a bottle of hand sanitizer next to the "nest" and use it before I handle the kittens.
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I touched Cocos when they were born.
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I pick up Sophie's kittens every day. I look them over and make sure everything looks healthy and weigh them. Now that they are three weeks old I hold them for longer periods of time but when they were newborns it would only be a few minutes.
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I hold Friskers' kittens (which are *almost* a week old) a few times a day for a few minutes each and have been since they were born. I just keep them in her sight line (though I don't really think she'd mind much if I wandered away with one of them...) and don't hold them for too long since it kind of seems to make them a bit tired! (They like to squirm around a lot while being held, and try to stand up on their shaky little legs, the cuties.)
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I handle them from the minute they are born. In the first few weeks, don't take them from mom's sight, but its ok to pick them up, check them and pet them - just don't overdo it.

Touch and smell are important in a newborn - they will know you by scent long before they can see
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I'm glad I came across this thread, b/c I've been wondering the same thing myself. I know when Salem's babies are born, I'll want to pick them up and cuddle & kiss them to death!

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