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I'm looking to compare

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I know this must sound kinda weird, but I was wondering if anyone had photos of the nipples of a female cat that has never had kittens. I know what my Gray Cat looks like, but I don't know what a regular cats looks like. If they are the same, then she isn't expecting. If they aren't then I will relax and let nature take its course. (we need to invent an EPT test for them)
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Here is Olive when she was 7 weeks pregnant. Her belly wasn't that big. It seems when she hit the 8 week mark her belly got HUGE

And recently. You can see her nipples pretty well in this they are bright pink.

Just wanted to add that my kitty Sophie when pregnant was very tiny until the very end but still had 4 kittens.

Is it possible you could post a picture of your possible pregnant kitty?
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The top pic of Olive is one of the cutest I've seen. Gray Cat is now abt 58 days. I hope to post pics of Gray Cat as soon as my daughter comes back with my camera. Hopefully, this Friday. The big male has been hanging around at night. He stays around most of the time, but is very feral. He hasn't bred with her that I know of. Both of them hang out under my BR window. It is only about 2 feet or so from the floor, and I keep the window open almost all the time. Gray just sits there cleaning her paws or watching, and he plops down beside her, on his side, and relaxes. He tried to creep up on her a couple of nights ago from behind, but she looked at him and he ran around to the front of her, found a vertical post,and sprayed. Looking at her a few minutes ago, she looks pregnant, but can't feel kittens. Nipples are kinda pink, not skin colored.
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Some cats just don't look very pregnant. Sophie had 4 kittens but had a tiny little belly until the very end.
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I know. Hubby says he can see a lot of movement. I see it, but I'm not sure it isn't movement from breathing. I don't know if they move their sides all the way to the back when they inhale. Her nipples are pink, and aren't flat. they are sticking up about 1/4 in or less. I can't take her to the vet to check, because she is so scared of people. I can hold her like a baby on her back, but if anyone comes anywhere near, she panics, scratches, and flees. I only want what is best for her. She will be spade when and if she has kittens. I do want her back to live with us. She is such a part of the family of animals we have here. At first the horses scared her to death. Now she just sits there when they walk by. Sometimes with inches to spare. They do all get along
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Hmmm... someone on here posted a video of kittens moving in mom's belly. It was on youtube. Perhaps a search on there might turn something up. Maybe if you get an idea of the difference between purring/breathing and kittens moving you might be able to tell.

Purring is very rhythmical. Kicking kittens come and go at whim.

On a non-pregnant cat, IMO, it is hard(er) to find their nipples. The fur is covering them and they are so tiny - just a bit more than a pimple really - lol. But as they progress they get bigger, the hair starts to recede (so that they form a ringworm like ring - so to speak) around the nipple, then eventually they will fill with milk. Which will be unmistakable.

Is she eating more? Does she appear to have any vaginal discharge? Does she visit the kitty litter box a lot? Is she nesting, digging or hiding in strange places? At 58 days I think you should be able to tell with at least one sign.

Perhaps she didnt mate on her first heat, or it didnt take. Maybe she mated on her second cycle, which could've been just two weeks later.

Hope you figure it out soon, or that she delivers and you can stop worrying... These cats have a mind of their own!
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It was my video of Sophie's babies moving. It's not very good because her cage was dark and I took it by flashlight.
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Thank you for the information. I checked youtube, and I could see the kittens moving. Her movement is like a rippling. I think you may be right about her not becoming pregnant at the first take. I'm going to presume that she isn't as far along as I thought. I'll keep an eye on her and keep bringing her into the house to eat extra food. She doesn't leave the front porch very much now. She just sits there waiting for me, or her bbf the male cat. lol. It's almost as if he is protecting her, the way he stays around her. I don't know if they do that or not.
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Can you please bring her inside until her babies are weaned and she gets spayed? It's a dangerous life outside for a pregnant cat/kittens. Also cats can get preggers again right after birth.
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She will be coming in shortly and staying in until she is spayed. I have several ferals that were TNS. They live in the barn, and are doing great. They are all spoiled so bad. I spend a lot of time outside with them and the horses. Most of my animals are rescues, those that no one else would take. The old, sick, etc. I love them all. Gray is another one. She is the sweetest cat in the world. I feel special as she accepts me. I just wish she liked others so I could get her to the vet. She loves being in the house, even more, she loves wet kitten food. I've bought her a lot of toys. Mice, the Bird, hanging toys, etc. She doesn't seem impressed with any of them. I got two different scratching post and again, nothing.... She hasn't used the litter box at all in the house. I got clay litter, and put some potting soil in it and showed he how to use it. No good. I'm sure she will learn
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