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Neighbor Cat Tried to Spray Sammie

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Sammie was out on the lanai and the neighbor cat, who occasionally has visited with Sammie thru the screen without any events occurring, suddenly turned away and tried to spray her.

I hollered and scared them both so she didn't get hit by the spray. I picked her up and checked her all over and she is dry.

Anything I should do with the spray that is on the screen?
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I need the same answer!

I got up and walked out of my office a little while ago, and I suddenly caught a whiff of what I thought was cat urine.

Now, my guys have been faithful litter box users all their lives, but I DID move their litter box while we installed a new washer and drying in "their" room, and the noise of the washer seemed to upset Sterling, so I moved their litter box into the sun room. Looked like they were using it OK.

I sniffed around, and it seemed to be in a corner by the front door, so I cleaned the area. But it seemed stronger than just urine.

I opened the front door, and the smell is pretty powerful, and there is a wet spot on the door. I'll bet some outdoor male cat saw my cats through the windows and sprayed to assert dominance. I sprayed it with Simple Green and then hosed it down thoroughly. So what else do I need to do, short of trapping the outdoor kitty and taking him to the shelter? (Not gonna do that, by the way.)
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I use Simple Solution. I blot the spot/spots with paper towel, spray with SS, wipe dry with another paper towel. If it is a screen, I do it both sides of the mesh to make sure there are no traces of cat urine/spray.
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Thank you!!! Heading to Petsmart tomorrow.
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OK...next question. Anything I can do to discourage the neighbor cat from hanging around and spraying?

I don't want to discourage Sammie from her enjoyment of the lanai, but I'm afraid to allow her out there now without knowing there is protection from the neighboring cat.
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Must be the time of year, or maybe I'm just lucky, but you're asking all my questions for me. Thanx!
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