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What's the best hiding place your cat has ever found?

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Many years ago, we still had Snoopy, the first cat we got after we got married. He was an odd cat, but we really loved him. He moved with us from Texas to Pennsylvania, from PA to TX, from TX to MA, and from MA to AR to TX. Confused?

Along we the way, we stayed for a couple of weeks with my mother in Arkansas. She just had a one-bedroom apartment, so we slept on a foam mattress in the living room, which we could roll up during the day.

We came home one afternoon, and we could NOT find that cat. We searched the apartment. We searched the outdoors. We thought we'd lost the cat.

Until, that is, we got ready to eat supper. Here came Snoopy, crawling out of that rolled-up bedroll. He had gone in from one end, settled down, and slept all day in quiet bliss. Of course, we would have found him when we went to bed, but we were all pretty upset about losing him; who knows how late that might have been?
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We have a 6.5 ft tall warddrobe from IKEA. One day, Luna somehow figured out how to get to the top of that (jumping about 3-4 feet).

We figured out her access point and quickly blocked it. We were worried that might injure herself.
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When Monster and Harley were kittens (about 2 months old..they were just big enough to get up the steps to the second floor) my husband had to take a fake wall out of the bathroom by the shower to fix a leak. We didn't think about it and didn't cover up the hole. Later that day, we were in the kitchen, which had a drop ceiling with those white ceiling panels. Next thing we know we hear the pitter patter of little feet across the ceiling panels! Yep, Harley (the investigator) found the hole and he and Monster were inside the ceiling! So, out came the ladder and DH is lifting each panel peering inside trying to find them. Monster was pretty easy to get, but Harley led us on a merry chase! We finally got him before he dropped down between the studs the drywall was hung on!

Needless to say, that hole was covered over fast (much to Harley's disappointment).
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about two months after I moved out on my own I got my first puppy named max(hes my shih-tzu) Tigger hated him....I was still going and getting stuff from moms and one day after letting the puppy out I ran to moms to get the rest of my stuff and when I came home Tigger was no where to be found i looked and looked and couldnt find him anywhere I just sat and cried....about 5 hours later at 10pm I was getting ready for bed and heard a strange noise...I lived alone in a decent neighborhood but I was scared so I called my mom who came over and helped me look for the source of the noise...I was standing in my bedroom wondering where it could possibly be coming from and I saw a drawer move and heard the noise again convinced my house was haunted I came close to breaking everything I had while trying to get out of that room....mom walked up to the drawer and opened it and out popped a 6 month old very agitated kitten
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Actually, there was one cat we had that had such a good hiding place we never did find it!

She was a Siamese, and would occasionally disappear for a few hours or a day. She definitely was inside the house; I'm convinced that she was watching us the whole time looking for her and snickering.

I've had cats hide in a 2" space behind a couch...and kittens hiding in the sofa bed! One of the other kittens had to go in and drag his sister out!
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If it's the best hiding place they've ever found - I don't know, I'm still trying to find it!

Cow went missing for an entire day once, no clue where. He would hidey hole up for hours someplace & I never did figure out where his secret cave was.
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My MIL still talks about their cat "Hudini". They made sure all the doors were closed, windows secure...she made it sound like Fort Knox the way they secured their house. They would wake up the next morning and Hudini would be outside waiting to be let in. They finally figured out the cat was somehow climbing up the flue of the fireplace and getting out through the chimney! They never thought to close the flue, and it was an older house so it had the full chimney, not just the small pipe that is used now.
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The crawl space under the roof... He can pry the door open and slip inside.
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When Tilli and Timotei were babies, they kept mysteriously vanishing. We searched everywhere: We even thought they had gotten out and I wandered about the neighbourhood shouting their names. Finally, one day I was passing our kitchen and in the corner of my eye saw a little kitten tail disappear inside the wall under the counter : There was a tiny hole - out of sight, just big enough for a kitten - that lead in the empty space under the kitchen cupboards. That's student housing for you. Needless to say, the hole was blocked ASAP.
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Sierra is the champion hiding place finder in our home. Her cutest hiding place that absolutely had me stumped was one time when she hid in the suitcase that was still sitting out in the bedroom after a trip. I looked all over for her, and in hysterics had run into the bedroom to find the flashlight to start searching outside just in case she had gotten out. When I turned to walk out of the room, there were the most precious little eyes peaking out of the suitcase I ended up leaving the suitcase out for the longest time because she came to really enjoy snuggling up in there with my clothes that were still in there
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My cats are always on the hunt for the newest hiding places. However, there is one particular place that comes to mind. When I lived in my previous home, I could not find Buster for hours. I searched everywhere - inside and outside the home - but to no avail. I flipped out and thought that he jumped out the window and ran away (that happened before). Eventually, I found him in the linen closet. He was embedded in blankets and towels. Even though I looked in the closet several times, I didn't realize he was under all that stuff. It's amazing that he could open and close the door with his paw!
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Persil is the best at hiding among my lot, though Biscotte is a close second. Both of them can get on top of my bookcases, though there is only a 2-3 inch gap between the archetrave and the ceiling, and then the moulding hides them completely from view. It took me ages before I spotted Persil doing it. She also gets under a small chest of drawers that has my printer standing on it and is up against a radiator. The only gap is at the back, so it is impossible to see her. She was there on Friday when I needed to take her to the vet.
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I don't know, I haven't found it yet!

Coco will disappear and I'll hunt and call and hunt and call. Then I'll look down and she is at my feet.
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Peter's the best hider of my crew, mostly because he's pretty much scared of everybody and everything, so there's a lot that send him into hiding. I live in an older house with the original 1930's cabinets in the kitchen and there's a space between the bottom of the cabinet under the sink and the floor that Peter can just fit through. When he gets scared, he crawl through that space and hides behind the radiator, which is under the sink. It took me the longest time to figure out where he was hiding. Now I know where to look.
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Behind our washing machine, we have a little hole in the drywall. We didn't know about it, but Harvey did. For the longest time we knew he'd disappear to somewhere, but we couldn't figure out where. Then, one day I was trying to give him his medication and he ran away from me and behind the washing machine. I looked back there for him, but *poof* he had disappeared. I pulled the machine out from the wall and got back there, and, sure enough, hidden beneath the hoses and whatnot there was a small hole. It was too small for me to remove Harvey from it, so we had to wait for him to come out on his own. Then I blocked it off so he couldn't get in there again. Boy, was he mad.
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Originally Posted by mschauer View Post
I don't know, I haven't found it yet!

Coco will disappear and I'll hunt and call and hunt and call. Then I'll look down and she is at my feet.
Pepper does that - and our apartment is NOT big.
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I once had an orange cat, Hermes, and he hid in a box of fake plastic fall leaves. That was really good camouflage!
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Shark and Arwen found a nice hiding place when they were kittens, it's a good thing they are too big now, anyway...

We have a tall cabinet in our dining room which stores all our plates and other kitchen stuff, and underneath it is like a small cubby hole boarded over, next to that cabinet is a smaller one that they used to climb on and nap....one day we noticed though that they had both disappeared. We looked everywhere for them, even out in the garden.

Later that night though, we could hear scratching noises coming from the cabinet area...we peered over by their sleeping patch...no kitties, but plenty of mewing sounds by then. Dad decided then to pull out the smaller cabinet, and we noticed behind that a gap big enough for two kittens to fit through and be able to crawl into the cubby hole...

Next thing we know, he has fetched a screwdriver and has taken away the front panel of the cubby hole...low and behold are two kittens!

Crafty pair
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one night patchy was sitting beside me on the couch and i was petting her as i talked to mom who was sitting in the chair to my left. patchy had been to my left, in between me and the arm of the couch when all of a sudden she was gone and she hadnt gotten down. i couldnt figure out where she was and mom didnt know either. the back of our couch is attatch so she wasnt in between any cushions. i realized she'd crawled down in the corner of the couch and was indeed crawling around inside the back of the couch. our couch is a very heavy, very large queen size sleeper sofa and its onle 1" off the floor and i had no idea how to get her out. i reached in and was trying to grab her and she finally came out, looking all innocent. shes tried it several more times

as for chloe, her best hiding spot was in my sleep pants ---while i was wearing them. id gotten up to go tinkle one night and she came in and was rubbing against my legs when she heard patchy coming. she jumped in my pants which were pulled up enough to cover her. she watched for patchy out the fly and when poor unsuspecting patchy came over to rub on my legs, chloe reached thru the fly and swatted her. after patchy realized what was going on, she jumped in my pants also and i had a catfight in my pants at 3am. seriously.
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The night I brought Oliver and Rocky home, Rocky went into my bedroom closet and found a hole in the wall that led to the bathroom plumbing. I was looking for him and when I went into the bathroom to look, I heard meowing but didn't see him. I opened a can of tuna to get him to come out, and he finally did. The hole in the wall has been fixed, but Rocky still likes to hang out in my bedroom closet.
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Bets hiding spot my current two have ever found was....under a tv cabinat that we had no clue was hollow underneath we searched for hours for them! This was when they were still very young they had only been at our house a day!

My Rainbow cats the best hiding spot (according to my Dad) was in his old cowboy boots.
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Originally Posted by Beck4582 View Post
Pepper does that - and our apartment is NOT big.
i live in a 2bed/1bath house - under 1000 square feet. don't know how they can hide from me, but they do!
my 1st cat, Medley, had a great hiding place in my 2nd apartment... i don't know where it was! i had moved in, & was unpacking & realized i hadn't seen her in a while. i couldn't find her ANYWHERE! i was sure she had escaped somehow, during the move - i sat down on the kitchen floor & just & ... when, lo & behold, she came walking up to console me!
to this day, i have no idea where she had been.
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I'm not sure which has been the best hiding place. Jamie was just ten weeks old when we brought him home, and he found several. The first week he managed to disappear behind the radiator, under the TV cabinet, inside a duvet cover, and inside my husband's shoe.

One year he found a loose board in our attic floor, and disappeared under there for a couple of hours - we could hear him there, but couldn't get him to come out till he was done exploring.
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Originally Posted by Tari View Post
...It was too small for me to remove Harvey from it, so we had to wait for him to come out on his own. Then I blocked it off so he couldn't get in there again. Boy, was he mad.
Party pooper!

Great "hidey" stories.
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Boy, let me count the ways... For Snickers it had to be on top of the cabinets in our laundry room. I figured out she would jump up on the counter then on to the top of our second refrigerator then on top of the cabinet. The boys took weeks to figure out where she would "disappear" to. My RB boy, Tosh would hide in the bottom of a shelf that had several things in front of it. I even would look in the area and not see him.
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Originally Posted by courtney_ou View Post
as for chloe, her best hiding spot was in my sleep pants ---while i was wearing them.

I can just picture this! I hope you walked out of it "without a scratch"

As for my cats... there best hiding spot I havent discovered yet... it's one that always makes me wondered if they somehow slipped out of the house... but lo and behold they're always within nose distance and always come running for a fresh cracked can of food.

But one of their hiding spots is under my tub - and not an old fashioned clawfoot one either - no - a regular ole porcelain tub. There is a spot at the back of the tub, in my linen closet, that doesnt have any drywall... they get in there and under the tub. I can always tell when they've been in there as they come out all dusty.

I guess they make good feather dusters!
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Now it may seem obvious, but it took me a great deal of time to figure it out. My old cat Taz RIP used to go missing, I never look up, why should I when looking for a cat, the walls go all the way to the ceiling. Till the day the Cat fell on me off of the top of my bedroom door I never noticed, she would just lie up there, I don't know how she got up, but she figured it out lol. There are many hiding placed in my house, our basement is packed with them, we only have a picked like gate and railing, so the cat can always get down there. I never search, I know they cant get outside, so I don't worry.
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Oh, my baby's best hiding spot had to have been in the small box we had placed in my closet XD She managed to squeeze in there and we all panicked when we couldn't find her, but sure enough, late at night I heard a mewing and found she got stuck in the box in my closet XDDD
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I used to live in a big old victorian house with my parents, four floors high. It was in pretty bad condition. Anyway one day my dad was on the roof (rather him than me!), about 30ft off the ground. Obviously he'd used a ladder. Anyway, he came down, was about to take the ladder away, but lo and behold, there was one of the cats on the roof, peering over the edge. She'd followed my dad up there to supervise. This is the same cat who stayed on my mum's car roof the whole way down the road. My mum assumed she'd get off, but she didn't. She's a tyke.
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Morgan disappeared for hours, turns out she was in the cupboards... not in the cupboard itself but there was a hole in between the two on the top and she crawled in there and made herself comfy.
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