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So weird, yet so cute!

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Billy III is the weirdest cat i have ever had! he is so adorable at the same time. So ok, i understand not being able to eat ice cream without having him hover over my shoulder with that sweet "mommy gimme some" look, but Special K with choloclate. Como'n!

this is the second time i have been eating cerial and he will not let go, he grabs the spoon. he loves this stuff....and its funny cuz he always goes for the ones that have been in milk and are soggy. i just think its the cutest thing!

Even tho, i have to get him out of this habit especially with the sweets.....its the hubby he spoils him with ice cream and deli sliced turkey breast
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Awww He wants his human food! So much better than that cat stuff
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Hennessy will try to take anything I am eating... even once I show it to him and he turns his nose up at it.
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Joji goes crazy over vanilla ice cream. She can even smell it from far away then comes running and won't stop meowing and pawing until she gets even a drop of it.
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Shadow loves vanilla ice cream too!! She touches my leg then the ice cream until she gets some.
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milo will sit on the arm of the chair if we are eating in the lounge and he will twist and turn his head like a little dog! it's like he's saying, 'c'mon and give me some!'
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I had Arwen swiping her paw at me earlier today when I was eating a chocolate chip in the end I gave her a tiny piece (a bit without choccie of course!)
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Oliver has to check out whatever I'm eating, even if it's something he wouldn't possibly like. He likes vanilla ice cream, too.

Rocky's only interested in meat or fish (and maybe a taste of butter or cream cheese). Last winter I was making tuna noodle casserole, and of course both the boys were hanging around waiting for a couple bites of tuna. I got out their little dishes and opened the cans, and while I was draining the first can in the sink, Rocky was standing on his hind legs, reaching up with his front paw to grab the other can. He couldn't quite reach it, and the frustrated expression on his face was just priceless.

And where was Oliver all this time? Sitting there calmly, waiting for the can of tuna to fall onto the kitchen floor.
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hehehe cute! My old cats liked ice cream too but not speical K and potato chips like this one. hes just a bit weird!

My old kitty loved people food and i gave it to him. what the heck you live once!!! the kitty food must get old, but he would only eat meat and dairy products. this new guy would eat it all.....i swear!!!
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Thats cute!

Ginny will sit on my lap and if I have a glass of juice she will want to see what it is so I show her and she will turn her nose up then as soon as I take another sip she wants to see what it is. She thinks it changes everytime I drink from the glass, hehe.
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