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The key to socialized kittens...

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how lovely that is
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A picture is worth a thousand words. They seem to fit each other.
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Adorable . . . . . .!!!!!!!
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Awww, very sweet!
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Who said, "The smallest kitten is a miracle?"
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awww - I have pics of my son when he was a few months old with a calico kitten checking him out
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Thanks for the comments everyone. The kitten is Punky and she is now 3 weeks old. I believe she is the only one with long hair. She is 10 times fluffier than the rest. The child is my nephew. My sister might adopt her. My nephew cried today when he had to go home without her. He just doesn't understand why she has to stay with her mom for so long.
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You might point out to him how long he's stayed with his mom!
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that is very true I should mention that next time I see him.
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Those pictures are adorable!!!! Punky is definitely one of my favorite kiddies you have!!! Absolutely gorgeous girl!
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Very cute pics. If he is to keep the kitten he needs to understand that she needs to be with her mum for another 8-9 weeks which will seem like a lifetime to a child.
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Im 23 years old and currently waiting on my newest kitten to be weaned off her mommy!! Shes 16 days old today and ALREADY it seems like Ive been waiting a lifetime!!! I can see why he cried. Its sad missing all the socializing and wobbly stages of the kittens first weeks. I wish I could've taken my kitty home on day 1! Punky is gorrrrrrgeous! Very beautiful indeed. Put a stamp on her and send her my way please!
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i LOVE punky!! something about her reminds me of patchy
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