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Kitten socialization Cute pics

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This is one of my 3 week old kittens Punky and my 7 year old nephiew Chase. His family is most likely adopting her depending on if my sister can talk her hubby into it.

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Oh, how can his folks say no to that??????

Too cute! That lil boy looooooves the kitten!!
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OMG!!!! Just look at that sweet little thing!!! Soooo cute!! Cute nephew as well!
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Awwww, what a pair!


That reminds me of a visit to my grandfather's farm in Michigan when I was 5 years old. My mother's old cat Suzy had her usual spring litter of kittens. There was one tiger boy I was especially fond of. I carried him everywhere. I'd leave him in the corner of the big easy chair, and he'd still be there when I came back. I dearly loved that kitten.

When we went back to Denver, of course, we couldn't take the kitten with us. I thought of him a lot, but gradually he kind of slipped my mind. But when fall came, I thought about him and asked my mother what grandpa had done with him, since grandpa tolerated one indoor cat...Suzy.

My mother told me in an offhanded way that she was pretty sure he'd killed it and its siblings, since he had all the barn cats he could support and all the farms around did, too.

This was my first clue that not all kittens grew up to be happy cats in front of the fireplace, and it was NOT a pleasant thing to know.
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No, it was not a pleasant thing to know, so why did we all have to hear about it? I realize this is a place to talk about cats past and present, but that was a little much after such cute pics of a cute kitten and young man.
I hope he gets to take that adorable little kitty home.
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AWww I don't think that kitten will be with you much longer

He will be bugging them forever if they don't let him take that adorable munchkin home!
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Awwww...that little ball of fluff is soooo adorable & completly irresistable
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That is a darling kitten, and it brought the memories flooding back. I had forgotten about that experience; I haven't thought of it for years. I never asked my grandfather about it; I didn't want confirmation, and I suppose my mother could have been wrong. They both had the farmer's attitude toward "livestock," and I just never understood that. Too softhearted, I guess.

There's nothing like a soft kitten curling up on your chest or playing with your fingers. Been a long time since we've had a kitten; we've been adopting older cats, since the shelter has no trouble adopting out the kittens.

And a kitten's purr! That's got to be the most calming sound in the world.
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Awww...I think he's in love! And what a gorgeous kitten!! I LOVE calicos and they are so hard to find here on the farm. We have torties, but no real calicos with the white bellies.
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Ooooh!!! They look like they belong together!!! How cute!
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What a great way to sensitize a kid to the needs of another, needy being.
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aww sweet!

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