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Smudge and Lily wrestling

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These girls are SO funny. They whack each other, Smudge hides from Lily, pounces out, and retreats again, they fall of the cat tree, they tear around... I love their wrestle sessions, they always make me laugh.

Here's my silly girls -
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That's funny!!! The music? Who is that singing? I know I have heard it in a TV commercial?
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Shirley Bassey and the Propellerheads - History Repeating - I love that song!!

ETA: And the video clip of the song is here -
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Lily has a seriously good left and right hook
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I know - she's an impressive whacker!! You should hear the sound it makes when she connects

This is her when she was younger whacking the phone charger cable -
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I was in stitches watching that. I loved Lily's sneak attack on Smudge from behind while she was on the top of the tree!!
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I love it when Lily got Smudge from behind! Your Lily & My Lily are head back & swing blindly reapeatedly in hopes you hit something.
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That's hilarious to watch
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oh my goodness that is so funny! lily is so funny when she's whacking smudge! how high does she pull her leg up!
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So funny and cute!
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Lily is so thin and beautiful! I love her tail
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They are adorable and Lily is so elegant

Thanks for posting that, really brought a smile to my face. This is the one cat thing I'm missing out on now, I don't get to watch cats interact with one another since Nikita is an only cat (she wouldn't have it any other way, I know that, but still)
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