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Yay soo happy

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i wanted too share with you all how happy i am that for the first time all night little misty slept on ,my pillow purring contently all night!
and finally little teaser has begun too play with misty and she also slept on my pillow!

im glad i found this forum its soo friendly and feels like a family too!

Chrissy,Teaser and Misty!
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Thats wonderful that Misty is being a cuddle bug! That is always nice when a kitty does something that sweet for the first time I bet her purr sounded beautiful!
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its funny little teaser is very qiuet at purring but misty sounded like a helicopter..
she lay wrapped round my head
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Aww! Sounds like you have two wonderful kitties to share precious moments with I love it when mine do something that makes me smile
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aww bless! i can remember when i got Izzy, she did the same thing. she wouldn't sleep on her own, so she slept on the pillow next to my head! she kept curling up under my chin hehe!

& with purring, my little Sparkle's got the loudest purr i've ever heard LOL! am sooo glad you joined the site hun, wooo!
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i think there is nothing nicer than being snuggled up in bed with a kitty cuddled up on your pillow! milo will quite often cuddle up around my neck and tabby is a pillow fan too.

and you're right, this is a wonderful place full of lots of wonderful people!
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Nothing nicer than a snuggly kitty!
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