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The connection between sleep apnea and weight isn't always one way (weight causing the apnea)- because you're not sleeping enough, it takes more energy during the day to keep yourself awake, so you end up eating more. They're now saying that for some people, losing their excess weight will be easier if they get their sleep apnea treated.

I was diagnosed with mild-to-moderate sleep apnea last fall. My doctor prescribed an AutoPAP machine. Unlike a CPAP, where the pressure is at a pre-set level, the AutoPAP self-adjusts throughout the night to whatever pressure it senses that you need.

I have not yet gotten the machine; I fully intend to- I wanted to get through the holidays first, then Albus came along and I had to nurse him back to health, then I had my eye surgery....I just didn't need another life adjustment at the same time as all of that. Now, everything's out of the way *crossing fingers* and I should set up the time for them to come deliver the machine.

To get diagnosed, I did an at-home test, something called a SNAP Test, made by SNAP Laboratories. I had some tubes around my face and in my nostrils and a oxygen monitor on my finger. It was annoying to wear and I didn't sleep well, but at least I got to sleep in my own bed- I'm grateful for that after hearing some of your horror stories

I'm glad I got diagnosed. My dad has it too, but he hasn't been diagnosed. From what my mom says, it's much worse than mine. I really worry about him because they say that when people die inexplicably in their sleep, a lot of times it's because of sleep apnea- it's hard on your heart and the damage accumulates over the years and you could stop breathing one night and your body just won't be able to start again My dad's one of those people who hasn't had a real physical exam in 15 or more years and doesn't want anyone telling him he should go. It's awful.